Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombies in your soup?

BBB wrote a well thought out post here:

His commenters had some* nice replies both for and against. Go read it all. I don't have any real thoughts on the issue on way or another. I love reading everyone else's responses and stories though.

My feelings? Other than the overwhelming anti-zombie bias(CLEANSE KILL PURGE) I'm loving this event. Saturday night me and Moon went into an -empty- Silvermoon City and felt like we were in the ending scene of Resident evil. Everything dead and empty. Then Moon turned a corner and saw them. A *large* group of zombies headed right for him. We spent the next few minutes dodging in and around buildings trying to find a few surviving trainers and shoppies while not getting infected and dead-i-fied.

So yeah I love it. That doesn't stop me from foaming at the mouth and hating all zombies when I walk up to a flightpoint or AH and find it empty. Oh am I furious(CLEANSE KILL PURGE). But I'm just as furious when I get perma stunned while being ganked. And the next day I'll happily brag about my tribulations. So it is still positive.

Anyways I wanted to post my comments on the event.

*Some jerks ignored.

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