Friday, August 22, 2008

Sales Pitch

Caitles over at One Among Many is an incredibly talented artist, and she recently drew up some adorably cute Boomkins. I HAD to have one, and it's finally arrived:

I keep on forgetting to turn my pictures right side up .... perhaps a kind hubby will fix that for me .....

And of course, a picture of the Cuteness, the Orclette herself.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On being Horde.

Obviously we no longer play Horde side. Wulfa has a 70, 45, 32 and numerous other alliance alts now. I've got a 63, 46, 20, 16, 11, 8, 8 Alliance side(all my alliance alts are new since we moved over to Kael'thas, wulfa's playing two characters that already existed before our horde characters were started).

But we are two and a half ORCS. Not two and a half random alliance characters. This makes it hard sometimes when I see links to my site or I see a horde shaman etc. It is kind of like going back to your home town and seeing people you used to know and they ask you how your ex-girlfriend is doing. They don't know you split up. You don't really want to talk about it. Etc.

Sometimes I think fondly about getting on my Horde shaman and leveling a bit. Nothing ever comes of it. And even less will in the future as I get further and further away from wanting to play those toons.

There are things I like on the Alliance side. I like the Dreanai. A lot. Even the big chest strutting is starting to grow on me. I like not being bent over all the time. I like most of the mounts better. I like Theramore. I like seeing the Broken and being friendly with at least some of them. Btw... if the Broken were playable I would -never- go back. The guys look so amazing. Why you would choose the current spacegoat look over the broken look I will never know.

I don't want to change the name of the blog, but your name is part of what makes you who you are. And we're less and less Orc every day. :(

I's a dork.

So the metallic taste in the mouth, the dizzy spells-Ketosis. It's what the body does when you go on a low/no carbohydrate diet. The body starts burning fat exclusively .... some people think this is a bad thing, others are rather gung-ho about the fat-burning. I dislike my mouth tasting funky. Hopefully, since I've moved on to Phase 2 of our lovely diet, the taste will go away.

I was asked a while back about my opinion on the Zone Diet. My very first thought ever about that diet was "percentages? way to complicated. I can't do that diet." Nevermind that I can tell you the caloric value of most foods we Americans come in contact with. Or that every year I buy the new and updated Calorie King pocket reference book. Basically (and I went to the website to refresh my memory) it's about creating a desirable balance between all your hormones. When you compare the Zone, South Beach, Mediterranean, Perricone Prescription, and several others, you'll find they're similar. No extreme crash diets (other than an induction phase in some). You can feasibly stay on it for the rest of your life because it's a way of life rather than a diet ...... at the end, choose what works for you. That'll be the right diet. Just please, don't pick Atkins. I really don't like that diet. I remember the day I heard the dude who authored that had died .... I was in the diet/nutrition aisle shelving. At first it sounded like he had died of a heart attack and I about doubled over in laughter (that sounds so harsh-it was terrible that he died). And then I remembered that someone had died and you don't laugh when that happens .... (btw, consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program. All information comes from a non-nutrition type person who just happens to like reading about all things diet/food/exercise)

My small town needs a bookstore. I want to read "Grunts." And I want to read it today. I'm gonna bet our little local library doesn't have it. I don't feel like driving an hour into our "big town." I NEED TO LIVE IN A CITY DANGNABBIT.

The Orclette and I are bored. One of my awesome WoW friends needs to move here for a couple of months so we have someplace to go and be entertained :D And then you need to move with us to NM.

I'm such a sedentary person. When I'm not running, lifting weights, or playing sports, I'm sitting on my butt in front of the t.v. or reading. I don't like the great outdoors (though hiking can be fun ..). I don't like gardening. If given a choice I'll sit inside rather than outside. Hopefully Orclette will inherit her dad's love of walking, my love of competing, his love of meditating (that's what I call the hours he spends staring at walls, lost in thought), and my love of being by myself, my very chatty personality, and her dad's desire to make everyone in the room comfortable and at ease. I'm not sure how that ties in with being sedentary ..... it doesn't, really. I'm totally rambling.

I'll stop the madness and end my post here :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Before you get all excited about me dishing about WotLK, let me mention that the only thing I know about the expansion is that you get to lvl to 80. The place is called Northrend. There are death knights. And some pretty cool hunter stuff.

And that be it.

I didn't plan on thinking about WotLK. I'm still not thinking about it. I find, however, that I'm very much planning for it.

See, when BC came out I had a lvl 30ish hunter. A year or two later I get her to 70, decide I want another 70, take a look around at my characters, and cry. Nothing even close. So this time around I want at least one or two toons within striking distance of 80.

So Beowulfa, long-retired shadow vixen, has come out of retirement. She's currently 1/3 of the way to 31 and enjoying herself immensely. VE is awesome. Her gear looks hawt. And she's optimum when she's killing one mob at a time, which is my preferred play style. We is happy. The goal is to get her to 60 before WotLK comes out. I'd say 70 but I'm not sure we'll make it and I hate to fall short of my goals, so 60 it is.

Wrath comes out, Wulfa and Boru will be exploring the new content. A month or two later, she hits 80, decides a priestess would be handy to have around, Beo starts lvling again. And then there's the death knight at 55, bam presto 3 at 80.

That's the plan. I'm sticking to it.

So expect to see Beowulfa on quite a bit more. Wulfa's happy lounging in Shatt, going out to Kara to keep her skills sharp, and doing dailies once in a while so Beo doesn't run out of money.

Switching topics ......


We're still on our diet. I've moved on to phase 2, which includes fruit and some carbs. I've got a funny taste in my mouth and I've been having dizzy spells ..... not quite sure what's going on there. I'm continuing on for Damm's sake-he still has 8-10 pounds he wants to lose. My 2 pounds made such a dramatic difference (to me, anyway) that I'm happy for now.

As soon as we're done with the diet I'm throwing everything sugar free out of my house. Except for the dark chocolate, that actually tastes good. I'm going to buy sugar-filled creamer, pudding, etc. ...... lol, remind me never to go on a diet again.

3B-before I forget, can I have the names of the books/series you've recommended? I need new books :D


Doodle mentioned this...!

I likes it.

What I do all day.

TJ responded to my email and asked something about reader participation... so here goes:

Wulfa wakes up way before me and does 'stuff' ... I don't know.. I'm sleeping.

Around 7:15 I wake up...I suppose... anyways...I'm at work at 8.

My job consists of two kinds of days. One in which I'm directly responsible for responding to support calls. The other in which I'm responsible for special requests for research or custom programming.

My day is drastically different depending on which kind it is.

For days "on phones" I spend most of my day clicking my refresh button and calling customers. As with all support most of the calls are fairly simple things. We gossip a lot about how simple they can be. As always .... printers suck. We hate printers.

For the other days I spend my day researching/writing programs. HAH.. that is a joke.. I spend my day leaving message after message on people's machines and being bored. The days when I -do- have programming work to do pass quickly and fast. Days when my work mostly consists of filling out the right forms never seem to pass.

At 12 or 12:30 I eat lunch with Orclette and Wulfa. If this doesn't happen.. I disolve into a funk of gloom and doom. Lunch with my wife and baby girl... is the bright spot of my work day.

I spend a lot of my day, daydreaming when its slow. Still... I do my job well. I get raises. I make customers happy. My company is happily at the top of customer satisfaction charts.

I'm not the best tech. 99% of that is my dis-inclination towards spending my time at home

My coworkers mostly don't play mmo's. Mostly are married. About half have kids. Few have moved much in their life.

I play mmo's, am married, have a kid, and have moved -at least- every three years of my life. Not counting a 4 year period when I was 1-5. I'm mostly used to cities and coffee shops. They are mostly used to small quiet towns and things like that.

We talk about usually safe things like our kids antics, sports, customers, and console games.

I get home, if its not raining we go for a walk, or run errands. Then we eat. And around 7pm one of us gets on WoW. The other one spends the rest of the evening with the Orclette playing. Then at ~8pm the Orclette goes to bed and depending on the night we both are on doing things.

I'm usually in bed at 10:30pm on worknights. At 12:00pm-1pm on nights where I don't work the next morning.

And so forth and onwards.

P.S. I don't wake up earlier because its someone's only time alone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yesterday's link.

I am quoting from the above article by David Waters. The link will bring you to this article. All of his words are in blue:

1. Warren asked: "Does evil exist, and if it does, do we ignore it, do we negotiate with it, do we contain it or do we defeat it.?"
[Edited out commentary please go read his article for the full context]
A better question: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Christian pastor, said 'The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.' Do you agree? As Christians, how should we confront violent evil such as terrorism?"

I agree that that question was retarded(the first one). And I really like his response question. I also like how he leaves no question that we -are- going to confront it.

2. Warren asked: "The Civil Rights Act of '64 says that faith-based organizations have the right to hire people that believe like they do. Would you insist that faith-based organizations forfeit that right to access federal funds?"
Like the abortion and gay marriage questions Warren asked, this is a litmus-test question for conservative evangelicals who want the right to hire people whose beliefs fit their missions and worldviews.
A better question: "As Christians, we are called to help orphans, widows, the sick, the poor and others in need. Should we ask or expect the government to pay us to do what God calls us to do?"
Hmm. I don't like how he words his comments. They come across very hostile towards conservative evangelicals. I don't believe that Federal funds should go towards church organizations. Still... I would like to reword his second question. I'm just not sure how I would.

3. Warren asked: "America right now ranks 19th in high school graduation. We're first in incarcertaions. Eighty percent of Americans recently polled said they believe in merit pay for teachers. . . Do you think better teachers should be paid better?"
Another no-brainer. Who believes better teachers should be paid less? Or less than other teachers? This was another litmus-test question that plays to the church-supported home-school and church-school crowd, and ignores the complex realities of inner-city public schools, the shortcomings of voucher plan and so on.
A better question: As Christians, we are called to help those in need and children in particular. How can we ensure that each and every child attends an excellent schools, regardless of their geographic location, test scores or family incomes?
A followup: As Christians, how can we create a redemptive rather than a punitive criminal justice system?

Big deal here. "How can we ensure that each and every child gets an excellent education, regardless of their geographic location, test scores, family income, or choice of schools? And what do you consider an excellent education to be?" Being homeschooled isn't exactly 'attending' a school but can give a great education. I base this off of my -non- studied ACT scores. Presuming that you would attend a school really makes me worried as a Dad who plans to homeschool his little girl.

The followup question is excellent.

4. Warren asked: Define rich. I mean, give me a number. Is it $50,000, $100,000, $200,000? Everybody keeps talking about, 'Well, we're going to tax the rich.' How do you define that?"
Give me a number? An odd question for anyone other than a tax attorney to ask. Are we talking $50,000 in Southern California or Southern Sudan? Rich for people who spend hundreds of millions running for public office or rich for people who work three jobs and can't afford health insurance?
A better question: Jesus never said anything about abortion or homosexuality, but he said plenty about wealth and poverty. As a Christian, define the difference between need and greed. How much is enough?
I actually like the first question. When you say you are going to tax the rich... what do you mean rich? Who are you going to tax? This is an important question to me. And I think this a valid question. Yes geography should be worked into the question, it costs several times more to live in LA than it does to live in Missouri's rural country side. But our US tax code doesn't take my local cost of living into effect that I know of. So the original question is fair...

His follow up question...bleh.... that doesn't even seem right. David seems to be saying that if you have enough then the government should have the rest(and I don't think he means to).

As a Christian you have been charged with helping the poor. Do you believe you should work to make poverty reducing government programs or should you make sure to personally assist the poor in your area with all the power you have? Is it enough simply to "give at the office" or is it important to do it yourself?

I still think a church is no place for a campaign event, and a clergy person has no business posing as political moderator. But if the church is going to insert itself into the electoral process, it should do so as the church and not as a political action committee.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Go read this article:

Come back and tell me what you think.

Please. I'm writing my thoughts up now and will be scheduling them to post tomorrow but I wanted to see what you thought as well.

Thinking back on it I'm not sure what fired up my mind about this particular article, I think maybe it was the questions themselves. I'm also not sure what thoughts I expected you to have on this. Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Even ones I disagree with. Even rabbit trails.


Why did no one tell me how awesome macros are?

Holy freakin something. I am sooo hooked on macros.

I've had only one macro up until this weekend: a misdirect one onto my tanks because I'm not fast enough to target them while in battle. FYI-each of my tanks has their own little macro with their own cute little picture. 3B's is pink.

Well, I was running around Nagrand leveling up my new warp baby Suki and I was getting tired of having so many buttons to push so I googled hunter macros. Found an easy one that cast Hunter's Mark and then pet attack. And while I was there I saw one for the trio of Auto Shot, Steady Shot, and Kill Command. I enjoy weaving my shots, I really do, but there are times when there's just too much going on and having one button would be awesome. So I copied the macro and named it my "Smorgasbord."

I'm never ever going back.

The mob died sooo fast. I've never seen Wulfa shoot so quickly. I'm eager to run an instance and see how much my damage goes up.

While I was there I made a macro for Mend Pet (won't let you cast it until the one you cast is worn off), one for mounting the stormsaber, and something else ... can't remember. Decided to give my pally some love and made one for him, cutting down 3 buttons to one. Tried to find some for low-lvl priests but couldn't find any. If you lovely readers know of a site with basic macros for shadow priests (not raiding ones!) I'd love to hear about it. Next I need to learn how to actually write a macro and not just copy one :D

Felkennen, my rough and ugly dwarf pally, is 45 and doing well. I'm eager for him to get to Outlands-I'm determined to enjoy it this time and not rush through like I did with Wulfa. I pulled Beowulfa out of retirement and respecced her-still Shadow but now her points are spent wisely and not just hodgepodge. And if you guys know of a good low-lvl priest playing guide, I'd also love to hear about that :D

In RL, we had pizza Saturday. Sunday we had a pizza hangover. I'm not kidding. It was just too much. This week we're gonna scale back on our "cheat day." Mebbe just ice cream. Orclette played at a park for the first time and had an absolute blast. Didn't like the swings too much but the chips they use under the playsets were fascinating. We also discovered that she prefers to walk not be carried. Damm hurt his back because he spent all day bent sideways holding her hand. I'm fine because I'm short :)

Umm, that's it. Til my next brilliant thought, that is :)

P.S. Every time I say I "made" a macro I mean I copied it ... I say made because I have to choose an image and a name, and it feels like creating .... but no, I can't write macros :)

Bother... my comment didn't actually make links out of my links... so here: