Thursday, August 21, 2008

On being Horde.

Obviously we no longer play Horde side. Wulfa has a 70, 45, 32 and numerous other alliance alts now. I've got a 63, 46, 20, 16, 11, 8, 8 Alliance side(all my alliance alts are new since we moved over to Kael'thas, wulfa's playing two characters that already existed before our horde characters were started).

But we are two and a half ORCS. Not two and a half random alliance characters. This makes it hard sometimes when I see links to my site or I see a horde shaman etc. It is kind of like going back to your home town and seeing people you used to know and they ask you how your ex-girlfriend is doing. They don't know you split up. You don't really want to talk about it. Etc.

Sometimes I think fondly about getting on my Horde shaman and leveling a bit. Nothing ever comes of it. And even less will in the future as I get further and further away from wanting to play those toons.

There are things I like on the Alliance side. I like the Dreanai. A lot. Even the big chest strutting is starting to grow on me. I like not being bent over all the time. I like most of the mounts better. I like Theramore. I like seeing the Broken and being friendly with at least some of them. Btw... if the Broken were playable I would -never- go back. The guys look so amazing. Why you would choose the current spacegoat look over the broken look I will never know.

I don't want to change the name of the blog, but your name is part of what makes you who you are. And we're less and less Orc every day. :(


Gaddrick said...

I actually have flip-flopped a lot myself, luckily no blogs to make me feel guilty though :) I started alliance side, reached 70s on 2 chars, then switched to horde to play with some friends and reached 70 on a belf pally. Now back on my alliance chars, but I actually MISS my belf pally. I don't care what people say, he is the best looking character I think, and a close second is my tauren warrior. I really wish there was a server that was without factions so I could play with the same alliance folks on my horde characters. Now THAT would be teh awesome.

Capn John said...

Intriguing that you've gone the opposite way to myself. I have a 70 Dwarf Hunter and a 70 Gnome Rogue. The Hunter is reasonably well geared for PvE, the Rogue does okay for herself in PvP with two Epic Swords, both with Mongoose, but when my three-year old Ally Guild fell apart I rolled Horde on the server where my sister & her family play. I live in the U.S., they live in Australia, so we rarely see each other online on weekends, but I'm in their Guild and have been busy leveling various Horde toons, with my Mains (of sorts) being a Troll Rogue and a BElf Mage in their 60s (no 70s yet).

I did go back to my Ally 70s and got them into the Guild that absorbed most of my former Guildies, but after playing them for a few weeks I returned to my Horde server and pretty much never looked back. In fact I'm not sure I'll ever play my Ally Toons again. I've though of moving them to my new "Horde" server, but I'd probably want to change their names as well, and then they'd no longer be the Toons into which I poured so much time, so what's the point?

I wish you all the best on your Alliance journey. As an "Explorer" I got a lot of fun out of seeing the same zones from the other side. With my knowledge of how to play the game, particularly the Auction House, none of my new Toons have been lacking in Gold as my Ally Toons did. It's almost like a brand new game, and almost like discovering WoW all over again :)

Nasirah said...

But... but... if you weren't Orcs, what would we call the Orclette?

Christopher said...

I feel your pain, Damm. When I installed WoW, it didn't take long for me to be completely torn. I knew no one that played the game, so I was free, so to speak, to choose whichever faction I so desired. But I love what Warcraft 3 did for the Orcs and the Horde overall. I'm talking about a total image makeover from bloodthirty marauders to veritable saviors, nobility included! The Alliance was recast as a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats who, save Jaina, couldn't pull themselves together well enough to recognize the impending threat of the Scourge.

FOR THE HORDE! and all that jazz. Thrall is my homeboy, and much love to the Mighty Hellscream.

But WoW presented me with a difficult decision. I've always played paladins, and have had an admiration for the class since Cecil in Final Fantasy IV. Horde didn't have paladins in 2005. With hesitation, I signed on to be one of the bumbling bureaucrats, and rolled a human paladin. I have no regrets. I just... Thrall is so epic!

The irony, of course, is that I also have a level 70 draenei shaman, a class I could have played from the beginning. Mmmm, delicious.

TheBigBearButt said...

It's okay, Dammy. In my heart, I will know that you are both Orcs, now and forever.

Okay, maybe Dammy is a Broken Orc.

MamaWau said...

Is your page a light green background now? And did you change somethings at the top? I love the green hue.

Dammerung said...

Yes and yes. I wanted it to be a little different. The banner is new as well.

klaki said...

LIES AND DECEIT! The "At least we still think we are." pretty much tells the story. The Orc green background. The Horde based banner. From the outside, it looks like this is a true Orc blog, but reading about all your Alliance adventures, your new readers must feel confused. Is Transracialual a word? Orclette will now be know as OrcElvlette. She is going to be very confused later on. Of course I kid about all this, but this is my wierd way of trying to be humorous. :)

Anonymous said...

"Two and a Half Orcs"
(sub heading)
"Journey from Horde to Alliance"


"Two and a Half Orcs"
(sub heading)
"Horde Origins with a touch of Alliance Adventure"

Shrinn said...

Ooooo, Hai!
Can I haz borked Orc for $500 ALex?
Just kiddin!

Meh, I play both sides too...ALOT!
Yes, I havent been on any of my hordie toons in awhile, but that's cuz I'm having too much fun getting to know new friends & getting my highest level druid to an even higher level :)

Ok, here's the question to ask urself, r u having fun? If the answer is yes, don't feel bad :)

O & lol @ Nas & One Among Many!

Game Dame said...

I dub thee Gnomelette.