Monday, August 18, 2008


Why did no one tell me how awesome macros are?

Holy freakin something. I am sooo hooked on macros.

I've had only one macro up until this weekend: a misdirect one onto my tanks because I'm not fast enough to target them while in battle. FYI-each of my tanks has their own little macro with their own cute little picture. 3B's is pink.

Well, I was running around Nagrand leveling up my new warp baby Suki and I was getting tired of having so many buttons to push so I googled hunter macros. Found an easy one that cast Hunter's Mark and then pet attack. And while I was there I saw one for the trio of Auto Shot, Steady Shot, and Kill Command. I enjoy weaving my shots, I really do, but there are times when there's just too much going on and having one button would be awesome. So I copied the macro and named it my "Smorgasbord."

I'm never ever going back.

The mob died sooo fast. I've never seen Wulfa shoot so quickly. I'm eager to run an instance and see how much my damage goes up.

While I was there I made a macro for Mend Pet (won't let you cast it until the one you cast is worn off), one for mounting the stormsaber, and something else ... can't remember. Decided to give my pally some love and made one for him, cutting down 3 buttons to one. Tried to find some for low-lvl priests but couldn't find any. If you lovely readers know of a site with basic macros for shadow priests (not raiding ones!) I'd love to hear about it. Next I need to learn how to actually write a macro and not just copy one :D

Felkennen, my rough and ugly dwarf pally, is 45 and doing well. I'm eager for him to get to Outlands-I'm determined to enjoy it this time and not rush through like I did with Wulfa. I pulled Beowulfa out of retirement and respecced her-still Shadow but now her points are spent wisely and not just hodgepodge. And if you guys know of a good low-lvl priest playing guide, I'd also love to hear about that :D

In RL, we had pizza Saturday. Sunday we had a pizza hangover. I'm not kidding. It was just too much. This week we're gonna scale back on our "cheat day." Mebbe just ice cream. Orclette played at a park for the first time and had an absolute blast. Didn't like the swings too much but the chips they use under the playsets were fascinating. We also discovered that she prefers to walk not be carried. Damm hurt his back because he spent all day bent sideways holding her hand. I'm fine because I'm short :)

Umm, that's it. Til my next brilliant thought, that is :)

P.S. Every time I say I "made" a macro I mean I copied it ... I say made because I have to choose an image and a name, and it feels like creating .... but no, I can't write macros :)

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Dammerung said...

Hey love,

Some links based on macroes and other questions you had for me this weekend:

Stale said...

Leveling a priest is like the same from lvl 5 -> 40, get a good wand and use that thing...

The only macro you would need for a priest while leveling a priest is:

/cast Shadow Word: Pain
/cast Shoot

Then click your Power Word: Shield, then click the macro and go get coffee while you wait for the mob to die and you to regen that 1/2 of a mana pool you just wasted on the 2 spells... after lvl 40, its just cast VT, Cast SW:P and then shiled and wand...

After 64, you can also finish off mobs with Shadow Word Death...