Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Before you get all excited about me dishing about WotLK, let me mention that the only thing I know about the expansion is that you get to lvl to 80. The place is called Northrend. There are death knights. And some pretty cool hunter stuff.

And that be it.

I didn't plan on thinking about WotLK. I'm still not thinking about it. I find, however, that I'm very much planning for it.

See, when BC came out I had a lvl 30ish hunter. A year or two later I get her to 70, decide I want another 70, take a look around at my characters, and cry. Nothing even close. So this time around I want at least one or two toons within striking distance of 80.

So Beowulfa, long-retired shadow vixen, has come out of retirement. She's currently 1/3 of the way to 31 and enjoying herself immensely. VE is awesome. Her gear looks hawt. And she's optimum when she's killing one mob at a time, which is my preferred play style. We is happy. The goal is to get her to 60 before WotLK comes out. I'd say 70 but I'm not sure we'll make it and I hate to fall short of my goals, so 60 it is.

Wrath comes out, Wulfa and Boru will be exploring the new content. A month or two later, she hits 80, decides a priestess would be handy to have around, Beo starts lvling again. And then there's the death knight at 55, bam presto 3 at 80.

That's the plan. I'm sticking to it.

So expect to see Beowulfa on quite a bit more. Wulfa's happy lounging in Shatt, going out to Kara to keep her skills sharp, and doing dailies once in a while so Beo doesn't run out of money.

Switching topics ......


We're still on our diet. I've moved on to phase 2, which includes fruit and some carbs. I've got a funny taste in my mouth and I've been having dizzy spells ..... not quite sure what's going on there. I'm continuing on for Damm's sake-he still has 8-10 pounds he wants to lose. My 2 pounds made such a dramatic difference (to me, anyway) that I'm happy for now.

As soon as we're done with the diet I'm throwing everything sugar free out of my house. Except for the dark chocolate, that actually tastes good. I'm going to buy sugar-filled creamer, pudding, etc. ...... lol, remind me never to go on a diet again.

3B-before I forget, can I have the names of the books/series you've recommended? I need new books :D


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Hey, my dreanei preist is lvl 36...this is gonna sound TERRIBLE, but she is the only JC'r between me & Fal, so I need to level her....How far is ur pally?

PREASE take care of urself...dizzy=scary, imo!