Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What I do all day.

TJ responded to my email and asked something about reader participation... so here goes:

Wulfa wakes up way before me and does 'stuff' ... I don't know.. I'm sleeping.

Around 7:15 I wake up...I suppose... anyways...I'm at work at 8.

My job consists of two kinds of days. One in which I'm directly responsible for responding to support calls. The other in which I'm responsible for special requests for research or custom programming.

My day is drastically different depending on which kind it is.

For days "on phones" I spend most of my day clicking my refresh button and calling customers. As with all support most of the calls are fairly simple things. We gossip a lot about how simple they can be. As always .... printers suck. We hate printers.

For the other days I spend my day researching/writing programs. HAH.. that is a joke.. I spend my day leaving message after message on people's machines and being bored. The days when I -do- have programming work to do pass quickly and fast. Days when my work mostly consists of filling out the right forms never seem to pass.

At 12 or 12:30 I eat lunch with Orclette and Wulfa. If this doesn't happen.. I disolve into a funk of gloom and doom. Lunch with my wife and baby girl... is the bright spot of my work day.

I spend a lot of my day, daydreaming when its slow. Still... I do my job well. I get raises. I make customers happy. My company is happily at the top of customer satisfaction charts.

I'm not the best tech. 99% of that is my dis-inclination towards spending my time at home

My coworkers mostly don't play mmo's. Mostly are married. About half have kids. Few have moved much in their life.

I play mmo's, am married, have a kid, and have moved -at least- every three years of my life. Not counting a 4 year period when I was 1-5. I'm mostly used to cities and coffee shops. They are mostly used to small quiet towns and things like that.

We talk about usually safe things like our kids antics, sports, customers, and console games.

I get home, if its not raining we go for a walk, or run errands. Then we eat. And around 7pm one of us gets on WoW. The other one spends the rest of the evening with the Orclette playing. Then at ~8pm the Orclette goes to bed and depending on the night we both are on doing things.

I'm usually in bed at 10:30pm on worknights. At 12:00pm-1pm on nights where I don't work the next morning.

And so forth and onwards.

P.S. I don't wake up earlier because its someone's only time alone.

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