Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ah joys... the mindless Sat post.

I'm a survival hunter because I want to have +15% agi.

I like having HUGE amounts of a single stat. It makes life simple and fun.

So I toil along up through the talents trying to slowly spend all 30 talents so that my agi will be huge.

I like the speed of leveling and the way I can just sit and farm things dead easily without much regen.

I'm poking at my hunter plate though now. I pick up my fork and stir everything around a bit and then glance over at the other dishes. Dang it.I -almost- miss my shaman at this point. I say almost because if I started playing my shaman again I would cry from lack of guild chat. And leveling another one? No thanks.

[the above was drafted about tuesday the 29th of april. As of thursday night I was a markshunter 12/BM 4 headed deeper into BM]

I'm not poking at hunter much anymore... I'm going to swap my Eightdeaths out for something more -me-...and I'm going to do that dang orphan quest.

This is what qualifies for a saturday post... me regurgitating unposted drafts and sending them flying aimlessly into the future.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Nothing really the third.

[Begin transmition from the past]
Last night was fairly enjoyable as I spent the majority of my evening testing out my new mic. All our comps are now Vent capable and happy, even if Wulfa can only occasionally whisper due to near-by sleeping Orclette syndrome.

A while back Matt mentioned that he writes his posts in advance, and I was thrilled with the idea. And then crushed when I found out that Blogger didn't have that feature. UNTIL NOW. There is much rejoicing. So this post was only written an hour early...but be warned this earlyness will soon be stretched and plodded into a huge mass of endless words thrown in to the future by my very own time machine. The world will quiver/quaver before the might of my time powers! For I am THE NURSE. Nurse Who.

Congrats to the Owarf. Now you can get it on with more than just the steel-flattening-ladies.

My goal for this weekend is to have my oncall cellphone ring less than three times and to get to level 30(35). We'll see how this works. I'm level 25 now... so thats 5-7hrs(10-14hrs) of gameplay..... which is both a lot and a very little.

My goal for my pox toon is to make about 20g monday and tuesday. Not sure how I'll manage that as I'm likely going to be utterly burned out after this weekend.

Wulfa's goal this weekend is to finish the "please-die-potter" series for the 4-5th time.

Orclette's goal is to finally grab -everything- that her parents are holding so that they have nothing more to hold and she has it all.

[end transmition from the past]

p.s. Killing mobs 5 levels higher than you is frustratingly hard due to miss miss resist miss. But the level 29 Raptor is -dead-, -dead-, -dead-.

This is the future speaking.

Today's post should be happening at 12:00 noon. I'm playing with somethigng awesome.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So Green Pox decided to skip Black Fathom Deeps. We went to Razor Fen Kraul last night. And right off the bat we noted a significant problem.

We entered the instance. Killed a few pigmen. Turned the corner...and I pulled 4-6 of them. All of them 3-4 levels higher than the highest person in our party.

And here is the problem.... we didn't die.... we didn't get close to dying.... I told everyone to run(and wulfa did) and -still- they didn't do any damage. I had solid hate on them and watched in stunned silence as the elites dropped one by one.

Well screw this! We proceded to drop trash and boss mob alike with ease*.

One of the bosses has a cute mental is Raaksi's view(paraphrased from what I remember this morning):

I was healing along and then -blam- I'm getting hit. I glance down and see Abuto. Sweet she's got the mob. Back to healing. [ice sound] Oooo an ice trap! And it wasn't broken? Cool, Abuto must have been able to pull off without breaking it. Why is Abuto appologizing? Yay boss is finally dead. Huh.... what is everyone talking about? Mind control?..... OH Abuto.. Mind control....ooooooohhhhh.

Another of the bosses... lets call him Overlord Truck-BUILDING. He's nice and friendly....the way a huge brick building is friendly....when it repeatedly smashes your face in. We actually had our 2nd full wipe ever here. The first time I marked him as skull and his adds(normal silver elites) as X and green. Well..... he has the health of a building as well. A big mac-truck-building-bull-dozer-bigmean-ouch.... so he didn't die fast enough and agro was pulled and he started dropping people.

The second time we marked them: Boss(X), Right-guy(Skull), Left-guy(blue) and told the dps to cut loose. The adds dropped instantly. Big-Mac-Truck-Tank-Building-Mountain-Pain-OUch took a long time and left huge impressions in my hide. To quote me: HE HITS LIKE A FREAKIN TRUCK BUILDING.

After him we didn't really have any challenges. Towards the end of the night either myself or the DPS were getting sloppy(or a mix of both) and I started losing hate consistantly....but still no major world ending events. Everyone recieved huge upgrades we can't wear until 27-30.....quests we can't start until 27..... and things of that nature. We can't even use the freakin summoning stone and the instance was a walk. *sighs at Blizzard's easy mode 1-69*

Two questions though:
1) The poll to the right--------------> Vote if you haven't.
2) Bear tank people! Here I am. I need more TPS. Please give me suggestions for stats/gear/talents. Please! Please!

My spell usage goes something like this:

Single mob: Pull with FF, then manglemaul, roar, maul, maul, maul, maul (right now manglemaul gives me the highest returns of TPS in omen that I can see).

Mulitple mobs(Skull, X, Triangle): Pull X with Moonfire, FF skull, roar, swipe Skull, manglemaul Triangle, roar, swipe X, manglemaul skull, etc. Basicly trying to alternate manglemaul&swipe then swap and repeat then swap and repeat, using Growl to pull back any runners. Moonfiring the off mob helps me hold agro on at least one of them while building initial threat on the main mob. FF means once I have hate on the main mob my DPS will rip him apart.

The reason I need more TPS is to give my DPS more room to play. Raaksi only pulls hate on mobs that walkup from behind and find his totems..... nobody likes a shaman it seems.(Paladin's 40' aura should draw agro the way our bloody totems do).

OH I ALMOST FORGOT VOICE. I was able to set up things and listen to the interwebs last night. Fun + Voice = Fun *10. Freakin awesome. P.s. Abuto is a -lot- more chatty/friendly in voice :P. Or maybe its just that I don't read party chat while franticly tabbing and swiping.

All in all I had a great great night. Very Ready to go back again.

[Edit: Mangle to maul.... Nas wanted her mangle back...she said maul wasn't helping her much]

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I no do haiku

I'm not a poetry person. I slogged through that portion of English and got good grades but I just couldn't see the sense in dissecting "An Ode to an Urn" or whatever that piece was called. So there is no danger of me suddenly breaking into song or verse. Now research papers were just awesome .....

My priest is lvl 22. Yippee! She's not leveling as fast these days because I've been very busy re-reading Harry Potter. It's my first re-read. I held off reading them at first because there was a huge controversy over whether or not Christians should read them and besides, I was reading LOTR and in general I don't read the humongo bestsellers. (I never read the Da Vinci Code, any of Oprah's recommends ... etc. ...) But one day, soon after my orclette was born, I felt like I had run out of things to read. And I desperately needed another world to escape to because mine was boringly dull, intense in the amount of work required, and not much sleep to fuel it. And I loved them. It isn't the same as LOTR. I'd say HP is like yummy icecream whilst LOTR is like a seven-layer chocolate cake. But the books served their purpose, I survived those dark days, and here I am, thoroughly enjoying my orclette and having time now to read. But WOW suffers.

Beowulfa, Horde-side, is on a temporary vacation. Beo, Alliance-side, is being played but a bit more slowly than I had planned. And Wulfa is played once a week. We're debating scaling back to 2 characters only (at least for a while). In general we're trying to simplify things. I'm reading Dave Ramsey's "More Than Enough", playing around with our budget, etc. We spend 19% of our net income on food. He recommends 5-10%. I just don't understand that figure. Of course, I'm buying diapers and that gets expensive. And all of the other products associated with babydom, but then, I'll be buying toddler stuff, then little girl stuff, then pre-teen stuff, then teenager stuff, so it doesn't really end until orclette is out of the house. And back to simplifying money-I tried to cancel cable. I at one point needed cable. I needed to see other people existed. I needed to hear their voices. But now it's just a pleasant diversion, so I thought we'd get rid of it, save $40 a month. I totally chickened out. I like my Gilmore Girls at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., central time. And I am canceling our YMCA membership, at least for now. It's too beautiful to run inside.

Okay, dragging post back to WOW. Pox plays tonight and I have no clue what we're doing. I don't really want to do SFK again. I think we were planning on doing TMDA. :=) I'm hoping Wulfa will get to 24 tonight since there's an uber-cool thingy I get then but I can't remember what it is ... then, of course, Beo will have to get to 24. Race! Beo currently has more money than any of our other characters had at her age. ..... I lost my train of thought. Orclette briefly woke up and I was recruited to help persuade her back to sleep. And now it's time to run, so I must go ....


Since I just stated that I don't do poetry, I thought I'd share an inspiration I had while in the shower (the shower being a GREAT place for inspiration ...):

If you're in the Barrens and you feel all alone,
all lonely and far away from home,
Never fear,
Chuck Norris is near.

(This, I think, is what they call free form poetry.)

[Dammerung] I added a couple of new features to the right. Mostly the poll. More on this later.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sudden realization.

So for the Haiku thing I actually had to read what a Haiku was etc. And I had a sudden realization. Some of the 'broken' free form poetry I thought I liked was actually Haiku.....

Below is an example of me attempting to reproduce this without realizing the rules. I find this humourous in a 'ooo lookit a melee Haiku-tard' way:


Hunkered down in the bushes
snow falling all around
rifle at the ready
hunter on the prowl

not so much hunter as hunted
winning the battle
losing the war
hiding from the geese

Rat in on two legs
twitching as the great cats stalk
sprinting for cover
crouching to not be seen

Stalking the pack
listening to the campfire chatter
silence then screaming

one falls
many scrambling
a rat takes another look

another round into the rifle
another cat marked in a folder
the snow falls
the hunt starts

tents empty into the night
fire leaps on to torches
cats angry fearful hiding hunting
rat tense successful running hiding

long night
many footprints but no body
more snow
less sleep

cats return wet and tired
rat escapes wet and tired
'How goes it?'
"Well enough"

a cup of coffee
a chair
a rat in a blanket warm
a cat slowly lowered into the ground
one more battle
still the same war

It makes such a huge difference knowing the rules. Hah!

Following the other rodents over the cliff.

Why do we do this?
Seems broken and so silly,
this written haiku.

Maybe it is like
chasing pixels with pixels,
relaxing and fun.

But fun with structure
rules confining all the words
like raid D.K.P.

Fun for a short while,
irritation if long term.
Sigh, back to work, bye.

And in response to me quoting:

To express oneself
in seventeen syllables
is very diffic

My brother came up with:

seventeen terse words
do not fully express my
deep irritation

A post. Sort of like a live journal from my work this morning.

Didn't play last night due to taking a break and getting sleep and such all.

Not sure right now if I want to play tonight either. We'll see. I'm feeling a strong urge to get out the PS2 and level up my Disgaia characters. Which won't happen but it shows I'm wanting to play solo grind mode.

Work is so mindnumbingly boring at the moment. I was actually -glad- that a coworker had to go home early leaving me her work. Turns out you can only read so many blogs/comics before your brain starts crying.

If I had all the money in the world I would design a room that had empty white walls, and a carpet floor and random carpetted steps leading up out of the floor or down into the floor but going no where. I would put a single grandfather clock in this room and make sure the room had lots of natural light but very little actual sunlight(ie: light but no heat). This would be my quiet thinking napping room.

Thirty hours a week is perfect. Not sure who designed the 40 hour work week but they should be shot. The weeks where I feel very productive and want to work more I want to work 60 hrs. So if the standard was 30 hours then I would just work a double shift all week.

Rats are cool. They always have been. Its frustrating that they are 'evil' races in so much fantasy. Stupid people...

I keep reflexively clicking on the telnet icon for a mud I used to play. But every time before it comes up I remember how badly I dislike the game play now.
1) Gear had to be 'chested' nightly before you log out or it would be destroyed,
2) Death gave neg xp, a chance to destroy gear, a chance to take a way training, and chance to lose stats permanantly. At high levels a single death could cost you weeks worth of xp grinding.
3) The xp grind was tremendous.... the gold grind was worse(unless you were in the upper 3rd level wise)
4) There was a reinc feature that let you change your class/race combo at the cost of all the gold spent on training and 3-40% loss of xp. But you could only do it once every 12 hours.(the arbitrary nature of this frustrated me).

I immediantly cancel the log in but I find it odd that even after not playing for almost a year now I still reflexively try to log in when I'm bored.

I'm very supportive of the idea of a melting pot of cultures. I like adding the new and different to my life. This is slightly different from change which I dislike. New and different things, information, stories I like. New actions, requirements I dislike. I'm pro-noun-changes and anti-new-verbs.

Dumb rabbit trail... I meant to say that I don't believe that having multiple languages in a country is a good thing. Being able to communicate clearly is -huge- for avoiding conflicts.

I... am... so... tired... all.. of... the... time. I swear all I want to do is sleep and dream all day. Not sure why I'm feeling this way. I blame being bored.

I hear a lot of people argue that a flat tax would hurt poor people more than rich people because rich people don't "NEED" their percentage as much as poor people do. I can see where they are coming from but as a low income/poor person most of my life so far(until 2006) I still would prefer the simplicity of a flat tax. It feels 'fair', it makes taxes easy and I don't feel like making more money punishes me.

Btw by poor I mean living away from my parents with no financial support from them, paying my portion of the bills(I lived in an appartment with friends) and making 5-15k a year. I feel the need to clarify because some people don't think that is 'poor' and others think that is poverty.

Yay lunch is at 12:30, I hope, if calls don't come in anyways.

Fury warrior sounds so freakin cool. Not sure about it though...

Which brings up: In general I'm burnt out on games and fiction right now. Not that I have anything better to do...just tired of playing.

Well, thats about it from this morning. 1.5 hrs till lunch and so far nothing has happened to break the monotony.

Monday, April 28, 2008

RL Weekend

We didn't do a whole lot of playing over the weekend. I think Dammy hit 22, I hit 21 with our Alliance characters. And that was it.

I woke up this morning to find that my computer's main display, the one that you can put a picture on, was completely different. I checked to see if it was a different user and it wasn't. My brother-in-law had been playing music last night and I contemplated opening his door and pummeling him, then decided that would be too much effort. I hate stuff being messed up in the morning. My cheerful, can deal-with-anything mode hasn't been turned on yet.

So this weekend at my lovely bookstore we had at least one interesting event occur. Certain magazines were left in the men's bathroom and the lone male working last night was going in, gloved and masked, to retrieve them. Apparently someone else got to them first, and this person decided that they looked a little dry and proceeded to water them. Stunned and not sure what to do, the coworker beat a hasty retreat, called the manager, but watering dude heard him and left the store rather quickly. Our manager was very disappointed that she didn't get to kick him out. She's 5'1. I find it rather funny. She's so feisty. I also discovered this weekend that geeks come in all shapes and sizes. Another of my coworkers overheard me talking about WOW, and she casually mentioned she played. Not being able to see her playing any video games whatsoever, I inquired how many characters, what level, etc., expecting to find out that she was a casual player. Lo and behold, 3 level 70's, raided on a consistent basis, and is currently not playing because schoolwork takes too much time. She really jut doesn't look like the gaming type .... but then, neither do I. Short, tattooed all over wearing pinkish clothing, more jockish looking than anything else-I surprise everyone when I start talking WOW-talk. And I'm not quitting my lovely bookstore. I'm scaling back, from a whopping 16 hours to 8, but I'll be off Saturdays now. I just didn't want to quit. I've been a bookseller for so long it's like I'm an institution. My brother, who also works at the same company, feels much the same way, even though he makes far more playing his shows than he does working part-time. We talk about quitting, we write the resignation letter, and then we decide to do it later. Maybe one day ....

So we went to church this Sunday. Now that we've decided to stay we're trying this making friends thing again. We are attending two churches at the moment, one in the town where we live and another where my bookstore is. I like the church in the city, neither of us really like the one in our town but it's 3 minutes away and has a cafe-type spot where all the families with young kids sit because the kids like to get loud. It's perfect. The other church has a wonderful nursery, but Orclette won't tolerate it. And because she's walking she's been kicked out of the class that I think she would do well in and moved into the toddler class with big, mean kids in it. So that option is out for now. And she likes to talk, loudly and frequently, so attending the main service is out as well. So we tried a class, and that sort of worked, but both of us were so stressed out afterwards. And I had my soapbox for the day.

Churches are not baby-friendly.

Seriously. You can't keep a noise-making baby in service. You get mean looks and I've even had a pastor comment on how loud a baby was being once. He deserved a hellish grandchild (his children were all grown). You put them in the nursery or you don't attend. And my child, and I know there are others out there the same way, just won't tolerate it. So I don't attend. I understand why it would be disruptive to have a crying, tantrum-throwing kid in the service, but what about the ones who are enjoying themselves making lots of nice noises? Sigh. I'll get off my soapbox. Nope, I have one more. The young parents in churches are snobbish! There, I've said it. All the old people are friendly and interested in you and the young people who you're hoping to meet have their noses so far up their own butt they don't notice you, not even when your child is almost nose-to-nose with their child. Ok. Now I'm done.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your Monday. Thanks for listening to my soapbox rants.