Thursday, May 1, 2008


So Green Pox decided to skip Black Fathom Deeps. We went to Razor Fen Kraul last night. And right off the bat we noted a significant problem.

We entered the instance. Killed a few pigmen. Turned the corner...and I pulled 4-6 of them. All of them 3-4 levels higher than the highest person in our party.

And here is the problem.... we didn't die.... we didn't get close to dying.... I told everyone to run(and wulfa did) and -still- they didn't do any damage. I had solid hate on them and watched in stunned silence as the elites dropped one by one.

Well screw this! We proceded to drop trash and boss mob alike with ease*.

One of the bosses has a cute mental is Raaksi's view(paraphrased from what I remember this morning):

I was healing along and then -blam- I'm getting hit. I glance down and see Abuto. Sweet she's got the mob. Back to healing. [ice sound] Oooo an ice trap! And it wasn't broken? Cool, Abuto must have been able to pull off without breaking it. Why is Abuto appologizing? Yay boss is finally dead. Huh.... what is everyone talking about? Mind control?..... OH Abuto.. Mind control....ooooooohhhhh.

Another of the bosses... lets call him Overlord Truck-BUILDING. He's nice and friendly....the way a huge brick building is friendly....when it repeatedly smashes your face in. We actually had our 2nd full wipe ever here. The first time I marked him as skull and his adds(normal silver elites) as X and green. Well..... he has the health of a building as well. A big mac-truck-building-bull-dozer-bigmean-ouch.... so he didn't die fast enough and agro was pulled and he started dropping people.

The second time we marked them: Boss(X), Right-guy(Skull), Left-guy(blue) and told the dps to cut loose. The adds dropped instantly. Big-Mac-Truck-Tank-Building-Mountain-Pain-OUch took a long time and left huge impressions in my hide. To quote me: HE HITS LIKE A FREAKIN TRUCK BUILDING.

After him we didn't really have any challenges. Towards the end of the night either myself or the DPS were getting sloppy(or a mix of both) and I started losing hate consistantly....but still no major world ending events. Everyone recieved huge upgrades we can't wear until 27-30.....quests we can't start until 27..... and things of that nature. We can't even use the freakin summoning stone and the instance was a walk. *sighs at Blizzard's easy mode 1-69*

Two questions though:
1) The poll to the right--------------> Vote if you haven't.
2) Bear tank people! Here I am. I need more TPS. Please give me suggestions for stats/gear/talents. Please! Please!

My spell usage goes something like this:

Single mob: Pull with FF, then manglemaul, roar, maul, maul, maul, maul (right now manglemaul gives me the highest returns of TPS in omen that I can see).

Mulitple mobs(Skull, X, Triangle): Pull X with Moonfire, FF skull, roar, swipe Skull, manglemaul Triangle, roar, swipe X, manglemaul skull, etc. Basicly trying to alternate manglemaul&swipe then swap and repeat then swap and repeat, using Growl to pull back any runners. Moonfiring the off mob helps me hold agro on at least one of them while building initial threat on the main mob. FF means once I have hate on the main mob my DPS will rip him apart.

The reason I need more TPS is to give my DPS more room to play. Raaksi only pulls hate on mobs that walkup from behind and find his totems..... nobody likes a shaman it seems.(Paladin's 40' aura should draw agro the way our bloody totems do).

OH I ALMOST FORGOT VOICE. I was able to set up things and listen to the interwebs last night. Fun + Voice = Fun *10. Freakin awesome. P.s. Abuto is a -lot- more chatty/friendly in voice :P. Or maybe its just that I don't read party chat while franticly tabbing and swiping.

All in all I had a great great night. Very Ready to go back again.

[Edit: Mangle to maul.... Nas wanted her mangle back...she said maul wasn't helping her much]


Nasirah said...

Um... I'm thinking you mean Maul? Instead of Mangle? 'Cause if you figured out a way to get a 41-point talent at your level, I'm sure lots of aspiring druid tanks would be interested in learning your secret!

Seriously, though, awesome that you could do RFK so easily. And yes, it sucks that Blizzard didn't adjust everything that goes along with the instances (quests especially) when they adjusted the levels of the instances themselves.

Dammerung said...

I have suddenly had eee-piff-fa-knee.

Later in the night I was spamming swipe on single mobs and not mauling.


ArmsandFury said...

I was gonna throw the swipe comment up but I see there is no need!

Thanks for all the encouragment btw.

I don't take as my Druid tho but I can always offer tanking tips!

I am currently leveling a pally for tanking. Gotta see how the other side lives yanno.

Anonymous said...

Just a tip. For multiple mobs:

2 mobs (skull and X): start off by doing a Starfire on X, then doing Moonfire on skull. Every once in a while do a Swipe, or Maul on X.

3 mobs (skull, X, O): start by doing a Starfire on O, then Moonfire on X, then just Maul skull. Again swipes and mauls on each one to hold aggro.

If you don't like starfire, use Wrath. Another option is if you're outside, you can root one instead of Starfire.

Delos (Dave) said...

In terms of gear, go monkey or go home. Bears can't block or parry so it's all about the dodge. Bear gear is a good second choice. In general

Stam >= Agility > Strength

As you get higher level agility will be even more valuable as you will heal yourself on crits with Improved Leader of the Pack.

As far as spec, you're doing fine. Just remember at some point to go get Omen of Clarity in the resto tree.. what's it doing over there? I have no idea!

Delos (Dave) said...

"of the Monkey"
"of the Bear"

is what I meant.

Dammerung said...

Thanks all!

@Klaki I do the star thing when I can... occasionally the mobs are pulling themselves and then its just moonfire or FF before diving into Bearform.

@Delos(Dave) Of the bear is agi/stm?

@Dave(Delos) I'm thinking of getting more agi and dropping a little stm(only a tiny bit). Right now my survivability is so huge that holding agro is the only problem I'm encountering.

P.S. Glad to know my talents are doing seemed intuitive but you know how you get to about level 50 and then suddenly realize that +charisma talents don't help you do damage? I was worried about that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Another thing... your grp needs to understand that you're a bear tank and not a pally tank. Like warriors, we need to build up threat. So groups need to wait a sec or two for you to build initial threat before they unload on the mobs you're attacking.

Also, we get rage from hitting and being hit. So if you have party members that like to stun/daze mobs, thats not fun for us. If a mob is stunned/dazed, they are not hitting us. If they are not hitting us, we get no rage. We got no rage, its going to be hard to do moves to gain threat.

Delos (Dave) said...

Of the monkey = Agi/Stam
Of the bear = Str/Stam

Both are good stats for a feral druid, but you'll get better mileage out of agility. If you can't find it though, bear is a good second option.

Anonymous said...

Best. Comment. Evar: "Go monkey or go home." I can use that in SOOoooo many ways!

Hee hee... I realized I was funnier on voice too. I think part of it is that I had you guys as a captive audience being the only one with a mic. I had a blast and I can't wait for you guys to all be on mic too!