Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A post. Sort of like a live journal from my work this morning.

Didn't play last night due to taking a break and getting sleep and such all.

Not sure right now if I want to play tonight either. We'll see. I'm feeling a strong urge to get out the PS2 and level up my Disgaia characters. Which won't happen but it shows I'm wanting to play solo grind mode.

Work is so mindnumbingly boring at the moment. I was actually -glad- that a coworker had to go home early leaving me her work. Turns out you can only read so many blogs/comics before your brain starts crying.

If I had all the money in the world I would design a room that had empty white walls, and a carpet floor and random carpetted steps leading up out of the floor or down into the floor but going no where. I would put a single grandfather clock in this room and make sure the room had lots of natural light but very little actual sunlight(ie: light but no heat). This would be my quiet thinking napping room.

Thirty hours a week is perfect. Not sure who designed the 40 hour work week but they should be shot. The weeks where I feel very productive and want to work more I want to work 60 hrs. So if the standard was 30 hours then I would just work a double shift all week.

Rats are cool. They always have been. Its frustrating that they are 'evil' races in so much fantasy. Stupid people...

I keep reflexively clicking on the telnet icon for a mud I used to play. But every time before it comes up I remember how badly I dislike the game play now.
1) Gear had to be 'chested' nightly before you log out or it would be destroyed,
2) Death gave neg xp, a chance to destroy gear, a chance to take a way training, and chance to lose stats permanantly. At high levels a single death could cost you weeks worth of xp grinding.
3) The xp grind was tremendous.... the gold grind was worse(unless you were in the upper 3rd level wise)
4) There was a reinc feature that let you change your class/race combo at the cost of all the gold spent on training and 3-40% loss of xp. But you could only do it once every 12 hours.(the arbitrary nature of this frustrated me).

I immediantly cancel the log in but I find it odd that even after not playing for almost a year now I still reflexively try to log in when I'm bored.

I'm very supportive of the idea of a melting pot of cultures. I like adding the new and different to my life. This is slightly different from change which I dislike. New and different things, information, stories I like. New actions, requirements I dislike. I'm pro-noun-changes and anti-new-verbs.

Dumb rabbit trail... I meant to say that I don't believe that having multiple languages in a country is a good thing. Being able to communicate clearly is -huge- for avoiding conflicts.

I... am... so... tired... all.. of... the... time. I swear all I want to do is sleep and dream all day. Not sure why I'm feeling this way. I blame being bored.

I hear a lot of people argue that a flat tax would hurt poor people more than rich people because rich people don't "NEED" their percentage as much as poor people do. I can see where they are coming from but as a low income/poor person most of my life so far(until 2006) I still would prefer the simplicity of a flat tax. It feels 'fair', it makes taxes easy and I don't feel like making more money punishes me.

Btw by poor I mean living away from my parents with no financial support from them, paying my portion of the bills(I lived in an appartment with friends) and making 5-15k a year. I feel the need to clarify because some people don't think that is 'poor' and others think that is poverty.

Yay lunch is at 12:30, I hope, if calls don't come in anyways.

Fury warrior sounds so freakin cool. Not sure about it though...

Which brings up: In general I'm burnt out on games and fiction right now. Not that I have anything better to do...just tired of playing.

Well, thats about it from this morning. 1.5 hrs till lunch and so far nothing has happened to break the monotony.

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Daxenos said...

Just had lunch...suppose I should head upstairs and check out my remote work room. I'm sure it's filled up with machines to work on.

But it's sooooo hard to get motivated when the boss is...away...lol.