Friday, May 2, 2008

Nothing really the third.

[Begin transmition from the past]
Last night was fairly enjoyable as I spent the majority of my evening testing out my new mic. All our comps are now Vent capable and happy, even if Wulfa can only occasionally whisper due to near-by sleeping Orclette syndrome.

A while back Matt mentioned that he writes his posts in advance, and I was thrilled with the idea. And then crushed when I found out that Blogger didn't have that feature. UNTIL NOW. There is much rejoicing. So this post was only written an hour early...but be warned this earlyness will soon be stretched and plodded into a huge mass of endless words thrown in to the future by my very own time machine. The world will quiver/quaver before the might of my time powers! For I am THE NURSE. Nurse Who.

Congrats to the Owarf. Now you can get it on with more than just the steel-flattening-ladies.

My goal for this weekend is to have my oncall cellphone ring less than three times and to get to level 30(35). We'll see how this works. I'm level 25 now... so thats 5-7hrs(10-14hrs) of gameplay..... which is both a lot and a very little.

My goal for my pox toon is to make about 20g monday and tuesday. Not sure how I'll manage that as I'm likely going to be utterly burned out after this weekend.

Wulfa's goal this weekend is to finish the "please-die-potter" series for the 4-5th time.

Orclette's goal is to finally grab -everything- that her parents are holding so that they have nothing more to hold and she has it all.

[end transmition from the past]

p.s. Killing mobs 5 levels higher than you is frustratingly hard due to miss miss resist miss. But the level 29 Raptor is -dead-, -dead-, -dead-.


Anonymous said...

Cute orclette update! I'm not even gonna ask what the Owarf comment was about. It scared me. ;) Best alternative title for JKR's monographs is "Please Die Potter". As Mr. Burns would say, "eeeexxxcelent."

Dammerung said...

Owarf = Ratters.. the Orc-Dwarf.

He had said something about how at level 69 he had sworn of all womenz who weren't dwarves.