Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ah joys... the mindless Sat post.

I'm a survival hunter because I want to have +15% agi.

I like having HUGE amounts of a single stat. It makes life simple and fun.

So I toil along up through the talents trying to slowly spend all 30 talents so that my agi will be huge.

I like the speed of leveling and the way I can just sit and farm things dead easily without much regen.

I'm poking at my hunter plate though now. I pick up my fork and stir everything around a bit and then glance over at the other dishes. Dang it.I -almost- miss my shaman at this point. I say almost because if I started playing my shaman again I would cry from lack of guild chat. And leveling another one? No thanks.

[the above was drafted about tuesday the 29th of april. As of thursday night I was a markshunter 12/BM 4 headed deeper into BM]

I'm not poking at hunter much anymore... I'm going to swap my Eightdeaths out for something more -me-...and I'm going to do that dang orphan quest.

This is what qualifies for a saturday post... me regurgitating unposted drafts and sending them flying aimlessly into the future.

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Anonymous said...

We could set up a Shaman + Beowulfa night on Drenden if you want. I'd like to play Sligger again and I really NEED to do Black Rock Depths. Just let me know.