Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sudden realization.

So for the Haiku thing I actually had to read what a Haiku was etc. And I had a sudden realization. Some of the 'broken' free form poetry I thought I liked was actually Haiku.....

Below is an example of me attempting to reproduce this without realizing the rules. I find this humourous in a 'ooo lookit a melee Haiku-tard' way:


Hunkered down in the bushes
snow falling all around
rifle at the ready
hunter on the prowl

not so much hunter as hunted
winning the battle
losing the war
hiding from the geese

Rat in on two legs
twitching as the great cats stalk
sprinting for cover
crouching to not be seen

Stalking the pack
listening to the campfire chatter
silence then screaming

one falls
many scrambling
a rat takes another look

another round into the rifle
another cat marked in a folder
the snow falls
the hunt starts

tents empty into the night
fire leaps on to torches
cats angry fearful hiding hunting
rat tense successful running hiding

long night
many footprints but no body
more snow
less sleep

cats return wet and tired
rat escapes wet and tired
'How goes it?'
"Well enough"

a cup of coffee
a chair
a rat in a blanket warm
a cat slowly lowered into the ground
one more battle
still the same war

It makes such a huge difference knowing the rules. Hah!

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