Monday, April 28, 2008

RL Weekend

We didn't do a whole lot of playing over the weekend. I think Dammy hit 22, I hit 21 with our Alliance characters. And that was it.

I woke up this morning to find that my computer's main display, the one that you can put a picture on, was completely different. I checked to see if it was a different user and it wasn't. My brother-in-law had been playing music last night and I contemplated opening his door and pummeling him, then decided that would be too much effort. I hate stuff being messed up in the morning. My cheerful, can deal-with-anything mode hasn't been turned on yet.

So this weekend at my lovely bookstore we had at least one interesting event occur. Certain magazines were left in the men's bathroom and the lone male working last night was going in, gloved and masked, to retrieve them. Apparently someone else got to them first, and this person decided that they looked a little dry and proceeded to water them. Stunned and not sure what to do, the coworker beat a hasty retreat, called the manager, but watering dude heard him and left the store rather quickly. Our manager was very disappointed that she didn't get to kick him out. She's 5'1. I find it rather funny. She's so feisty. I also discovered this weekend that geeks come in all shapes and sizes. Another of my coworkers overheard me talking about WOW, and she casually mentioned she played. Not being able to see her playing any video games whatsoever, I inquired how many characters, what level, etc., expecting to find out that she was a casual player. Lo and behold, 3 level 70's, raided on a consistent basis, and is currently not playing because schoolwork takes too much time. She really jut doesn't look like the gaming type .... but then, neither do I. Short, tattooed all over wearing pinkish clothing, more jockish looking than anything else-I surprise everyone when I start talking WOW-talk. And I'm not quitting my lovely bookstore. I'm scaling back, from a whopping 16 hours to 8, but I'll be off Saturdays now. I just didn't want to quit. I've been a bookseller for so long it's like I'm an institution. My brother, who also works at the same company, feels much the same way, even though he makes far more playing his shows than he does working part-time. We talk about quitting, we write the resignation letter, and then we decide to do it later. Maybe one day ....

So we went to church this Sunday. Now that we've decided to stay we're trying this making friends thing again. We are attending two churches at the moment, one in the town where we live and another where my bookstore is. I like the church in the city, neither of us really like the one in our town but it's 3 minutes away and has a cafe-type spot where all the families with young kids sit because the kids like to get loud. It's perfect. The other church has a wonderful nursery, but Orclette won't tolerate it. And because she's walking she's been kicked out of the class that I think she would do well in and moved into the toddler class with big, mean kids in it. So that option is out for now. And she likes to talk, loudly and frequently, so attending the main service is out as well. So we tried a class, and that sort of worked, but both of us were so stressed out afterwards. And I had my soapbox for the day.

Churches are not baby-friendly.

Seriously. You can't keep a noise-making baby in service. You get mean looks and I've even had a pastor comment on how loud a baby was being once. He deserved a hellish grandchild (his children were all grown). You put them in the nursery or you don't attend. And my child, and I know there are others out there the same way, just won't tolerate it. So I don't attend. I understand why it would be disruptive to have a crying, tantrum-throwing kid in the service, but what about the ones who are enjoying themselves making lots of nice noises? Sigh. I'll get off my soapbox. Nope, I have one more. The young parents in churches are snobbish! There, I've said it. All the old people are friendly and interested in you and the young people who you're hoping to meet have their noses so far up their own butt they don't notice you, not even when your child is almost nose-to-nose with their child. Ok. Now I'm done.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your Monday. Thanks for listening to my soapbox rants.


Althoran said...

That's too bad about church - I'm sorry. After all isn't it all about the kids anyway?
Luckily where we are at there are tons of young parents with kids - it's the norm. You walk up to the entrance and there are baby strollers and razor scooters everywhere - it's great.
Everyone understands about the kids cause they have one or have had one at some point.
I think I would feel the same way -if my kids can't be there crying or not for the general service then why would I want to be there -I wanna be with my fam.
Ok - sorry for the rant - I hope it goes better for you though!!!

Malok said...

You never mention what type of church, but I assume Christian. I also have no idea where you live, but I have found that I love my church here in St. Petersburg, FL. They have classes for the kids and they try very hard to not have to call the parents out of the service. Anyways, you can look and see if they have one similar near you and maybe you could try it out. It's called Calvary Chapel and their website is They are based out of Santa Mesa, CA, but you can do a nationwide search on the main website by clicking on the "Churches" link at the top. Also, the one I attend is rather large, and unfortunately some of the smaller ones don't have the same accomodations. Anyways, I figured it might be worth it for you to take a look. I have to admit, it was comforting to see fellow gamers (more specifically WoW) who go to church. I always feel like I'm the only one. I hope things get better for you, don't give up!