Friday, April 25, 2008

I Has Phat Lewtz!

So my anniversary present from Dammy was top secret this year. So top secret, in fact, that I didn't get it the day of, nor the day after. And I haven't received the entirety yet. But part one did come yesterday.


It is way cool. I feel like a real hunter now. I also feel just a bit geekish now. And it looks good on me, too. They know how to make shirts.

But on to killings. Ess, Sal, Daxe, and meself took on Deadmines last night. And for the first time ever I had voice chat on! I could hear other people through the laptop! Yes, I'm a technological virgin. This is like discovering there are t.v.'s in the world. And poor Daxe-Orclette had some things on her mind and shared them very loudly. He had headsets on. And I probably was talking too loudly. It felt like I should. I mean, they're so far away that I should talk louder, right? :) And I found out that I'm sooo much more reserved when people can hear me. I think I might like typing better. Maybe I just need to get used to the whole voice thing. Anyway.

We started out just the three of us-Ess, Sal, and meself. Sal was tanking, Ess dps, me healer. We were slowly progressing through but when Daxe signed on we invited him and all of a sudden we were like Speedy Gonzalez (I don't know if I spelled that right). Really no trouble at all until we got to Mr. Smite. Ess fell in the water and on her way back to us aggroed more mobs. Me, bright priest that I am, didn't bring any mana potions whatsoever and ran out of mana. I also forgot that I had a blessing of hope thingymajiggy that restores mana that I could've used .... oh well. Next time. And there will be a next time. We left those dudies quaking in their boots.


Meep is so awesome!

So I had this thought:

Meep is so awesome. We should start a meep fan club. Meep should run for prez. Ooo and then Pookie could be VP. And Hobbes could be the incumbent. Yeah.

Doom is usually right on most things but Tom Brady? heck no... quartbacks just aren't cool. Sides he's always smirking funkily. Poor Doom, he's probably still suffering from almostlosttheplayoffstoascrubteamandhadtopayTJmoneycussheprobablybetagainstme.

Short and sweet because Wulfa is supposed to be posting about her awesome night last night(me and orclette slept while she killed things).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okay guys.

Here is my idea of a good Survival talent build:
My goals were:

1) The best selection of Debuffs possible. So I'm hoping to bring Expose weakness(25% of my Agi as attackpower upon a crit) and Improved Hunters Mark(HM applies 100% to melee as well), and Aimed Shot(+ranged damage done to target).
2) Crowd control. Longer lasting traps, shorter cooldowns, lesst resist. Oh and Wyvern Sting for a 12 sec sleep.
3) Anything and everything that would increase my critting. As crits get me mana and debufs and damage and awesome.
4) And finally. -Some- Melee. I have this crazy idea that I'll stand about 6yds from a mob and whenever Raptorstrike isn't on cooldown and I'm inbetween autoshots I'll step up and RS hoping for a crit. Then step back and continue my Steadyshot rotation. I think this will actually be a decent source of DPS with Raptor strike having such a huge crit chance.

I swapped out Deterance and Counterattack for 2/2 on Imp. FD. Having that extra chance to shed hate is going to be too worth it I think.
I've also gotten rid of 2/3 hawk eye and traded in 2/3 Imp. Wing Clip. With my strategy from goal #4 I won't be needing the range and I figured wingclip was the best of the remaining alternatives.
So... gimme feedback.
P>S> Wulfa's gonna have to post about what she discovered today. She was squeeing.

RAWR or whatever sound cows make.

SFK was a walk. A happy cheerful walk in the park after lunch.

I have decided that "pull" means wander out somewhere whiles your DPS burn down anything that gets close.

Shackle is awesome... its like polysheep for undead.

Curses are funny. Especially when your rogue gets hit with dagger/sword skill down and huge amounts of shadow damage per second. Abuto is like a curse magnet. Poor little troll.

I was hoping that Bearform would make me immune to Argul turning me into a worgen. It didn't. But worgen look so much cooler than bearform. I wish i had a wargenform.

Meep is a ninja. Seriously. The little cat was ninja'ing on everything and then blaming it on Kitzen.

Kitzen however rocks. She turns all the inventory clogging crappy greens into dust. And then she spreads the dust on our gear... so we can wear the greens anyways! Isn't it awesome.

I'm really hoping for some Abuto/Kitzen screenshots as mine are at home and I -almost- never post at home.

I really hate these short small sentences/thoughts but I -really- -really-(two reallys + dashes = more really) wanted to post about how enjoyable last night was, because the tones of my last couple of posts have been bleak.

OOOo a thought. You hear people say: "He's an angry drunk or a sad drunk" etc. Well, I'm a "sad sleepy". When I get tired I get weepy(Orclette gets this from me).

Expresso is sooo much better than coffee because you can drink it in shot glasses with a dash of syrup and half and half.

Engineering is a copper whore.

Copper is a lot easier to get than I imagined when you focus on mining. Sheeesh.

Engineering uses a lot of copper.

I really want those tanking goggles.

Dang I need more copper.

Tonight is mining. I had wanted to level the Shunter for Sid-he-DEEv-Ills but I also want to have my goggles.. and the goggles win.

Oooo work emails. Later people.


At level 24 I get Mana Burn. Yes! -dances around excitedly- I can get my revenge for all those who have mana-tapped me! BTW I'm not yet 24, I'm still 22, but I'm oh-so-eagerly looking forward to that level. Pox played last night and we owned, of course. Don't listen to anything Trif tells you. He's a great tank. Ohohohoh! I have a new toy! Shackle undead! I canz crowdz control! I even got complemented on my superlative use of it. I think we all got a blue? maybe. Kitzen ruled the night with her rolls on stuff, and as our resident enchanter she took all the greens we didn't want and enchanted our feet. Now they won't stop dancing in a merrily little tune. I'll have to speak with her about that. We took pictures, well, I didn't, but everyone else did, of our courageous defeat of the big dude in SFK. Forget his name, but he's been awfully busy. Lot's of his sons running around. And the area around SFK? Full of herbs! I'll have to get busy and farm herbs for a bit this week .....

(Wulfa out. Beowulfa in.)

(B) "Yeah, Hellfire is rough. I have a hard time taking down the demons there."
(D) "Really? That makes me feel a little better."
(B) "Yeah, it's really rough. I have to regen after 2-3 fights. My mana dips below 50% even! And those mana burners-hate hate hate (btw, I've never run into them before now that I can remember so they were a nasty shock)."
(D) "Wait-you're complaining about having to regen? Mana below 50%? Is that what you call hard?"
(B) "Well, I used to be able to kill 4-5 mobs and now it's down to 2-3, sometimes 4 depending on the mob. That's sad."
(D) "-speechless-"

Yep, that's me, efficient mana user who dislikes the nice little blue bar to disppear. And who hates to regen. And that's why I found Hellfire Peninsula hard and wanted to upgrade all my gear. Thanks to all who pointed out that really, the upgrades I was getting for the quests in HP (is that the correct acronym for that area?) were the best I could expect for a bit. I didn't want to believe you. There are always better things on the AH. And until I hit 60 that was true. Now my gear is comparable and upgrading would cost me more gold than I want to spend for less upage on stats that I like to see.

(Beowulfa out. Beo in.)

This fierce little Alliance priest is going to be storming down VC tonight with the help of friends. Hopefully she'll ding 20 so I'll have mindflay. "And on to 21, then 22, then 23, and all the way to 24! Yeeeaaaah!" And I'm so proud of this little Draenei priestess. She has more gold than Beowulfa did at her age and Beo has done most of that with AH flipping (although Dammy does contribute a LOT of stuff to sell, but Beowulfa had help from some of his brothers at the beginning of her career).

(Beo out. RL avatar in.)

Too many characters. I need to herb on Wulfa, level Beo up, level Beowulfa up, make more gold with Beowulfa because I got my new mount and we're broke (well, sort of), make more gold with Beo so we can both fully twink ourselves out, and the list goes on.

P.S. Welcome to all the new Poxers who have joined our ranks and have not had a special Wulfa welcome yet. Especial hellos to One Among Many and Laser Chicken (I think he spells that differently)!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Want to know a secret? It's not a very good one. I wish it was though sometimes.(This last sentence was only written because I thought the first two sounded like Sonny from "I Robot" and I had to write another one using his voice in my head :P)

So the secret is that I don't like playing hunter/mage/warrior/rogue..... because everyone else plays them. Nothing to do with the mechanics(unless we're talking about warrior). I just hate doing "what everyone else is doing". It comes of being an older brother with three younger siblings who always wanted to do -exactly- what I did. I was a retard and resented this.

So I rolled a Shaman(who I like mechanics wise) because they are the -least- played class. I mean only 5% of the population plays them....... that's only 500,000 people. I'm so freaking unique. This came crashing into my head yesterday when I saw all the responses to Cass.

This secondary thought about how many people -really- play shaman is helping a lot with my survival hunter. I'm anti-dps(because everyone dpses), and anti-hunter for the same reason. So knowing that 500,000 people play shaman lets me know that it isn't that bad that 1,800,000 people play hunter. So now I can play a class I enjoy mechanics wise.

Sides we all know that there aren't any Survival hunters ;P.

Another surprise that hit me this weekend was that to a great extent Partying != Social, and Soloing = Social. Which seems backwards but its true.

In a party you are trying hard to focus on your role. Communication is limited to the encounter for the most part. You do more things with people but find out less about them.

Soloing you are much more relaxed and often idle. Communication is a lot more chatty and open. You do less with people but find out a lot more about them.

For me, the bonding is in the talking. If I don't talk to you a lot I'm not bonding much which leads to me not talking to you much into a vicious draining circle until we don't talk at all. And the opposite. I become closer to those I talk with a lot. When Ess and GameDame and I exchanged hourly emails for Pox I felt like I was making friends in game for the first time in ages. When Cayleigh chatted with me for over an hour I was enthralled. When Raviss, a feral druid on my old server would chat with me while he mined he became the only guild member on my friends list. Excetera! Excetera!

I wonder if this is true across the board or just is an effect of my viewpoint.

An Orclette-less Night!

Ha! I went the entire evening without thinking of my Orclette. There has to be some sort of award for that. And we had an oh-so-glamorous celebration of 2 years of marriage: There is this cute little coffee shop in the small town where we live that serves cafe-type food. I thought we'd go there as we didn't have time to eat at the one sit-down restaurant in the town before our movie. Unfortunately, the cute little cafe was closed, and our options were several fast-food places. We chose Braums, and there we had bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes. Five Stars! And then we circled the houses we wanted to look at (we're thinking very hard about buying a house-I'm tired of renting). And then we saw The Forbidden Kingdom. I LOVED it. It's totally worth seeing, in my opinion. And don't worry, I won't ruin the movie by telling you details. I know how some people hate that (I, however, always read the back of the book first). And then we collected Orclette and DumbBrother and went on home. Where we promptly fell asleep. 'Cause it was past our bedtime. It was maybe 10 p.m. And I had a fantastic time.

And here is one of the conversations I had with Dammy last evening:

(D) "I only want to raid with a Shaman."
(B) -sigh-"What about your hunter in BBB's guild?"
(D) "What about him?"
(B) "You need to think carefully about whether you want to invest any more time into a character that you'll not want to raid with. Then you'll look back and regret that you didn't roll a shammy ....."
-please understand that at least 2-3 times a month Dammy decides that shammies are icky horrible and that he never wants to play Dammerung again. Then something like Cassie rolling one and him posting a few tips gets him all excited about that class again. THEN, he thinks about how cool it would be to have a mage. What about a MM hunter? Ooh, should he go resto or enhancement? Cool butterflies! Or maybe his hunter should be survival? That's it, I'm not playing WOW anymore! Can I please please please get on now Beo? I really want to level my shammy again!

That's how conversations with Dammy go. When he refers to not being "allowed" to roll another character, I'm the person who's not allowing him and forcing him to focus on only 2-3 characters. But do you see why that is necessary?

And in case you were wondering why I wasn't posting as frequently, here goes my explanation.
All spare moments are spent leveling either Beo (alliance) or Beowulfa (horde). I maybe read our blog and then Orclette's awake, and I don't play when she's awake. And then yesterday I got the itch to re-read Harry Potter and I picked up the first 3 and well, if you've read them, you know how hard it is to put them down. And I've also been trying to keep my house relaxed and sweet-smelling. I no longer have the excuse of "I'm pregnant" or "I've got a newborn" and I hate dirt and clutter (my mom would so laugh at me right now). So I've been doing that and throwing out junk and organizing ..... so yeah, no time right now for reading/posting.

(have you seen Mean Girls? Then you'll know I'm saying this tongue-in-cheek):
"Love Ya!"

Monday, April 21, 2008



Someone tell Beowulfa that I love her. Whisper to her how amazing she is and how much she has improved my life these last two years. Bring up that I could not be happier that she is Orclette's Momma. Remind her that I'm dazzled by her.

Mention to her that her eyes are wonderful and her grin delightful. Thank her for the time she spends with me. Congratulate her on how great she is as a friend. Complement her on her awesome body.

Someone tell Beowulfa that I love her, because I will but she is so great that she needs more.

Dear Beowulfa thanks for two amazing years!

Silk Cows

Apparently I was entirely and completely wrong. To quote: "I wish things were that simple". Silk doesn't apparently come from Bears.

It comes from cows.

Yeah I know...that rocks your world doesn't it. It absolutely blew mine away. All these years... all these wasted wasted years.

After a long period spent researching I found out that the reason for this horrible LIE being spread about bears... a cow druid.

That's right... a cow druid(probably grim totem) was mask-err-raiding as a bear... leading to a huge misunderstanding and a very very embarrassed and amorous real bear. This is why kiddies we tell you: Friends don't let friends shift and silk. It goes places you just don't want to go.

And in other news: I added the Squeekie and the Punny to my reader list. They rock.

DPS don't seem 'useful'. I need to get over this.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silk Bears

In the forests of Ashenvale there is a hidden secret vale. In this vale live the Silk Bears. They are made of silk with cotten candy insides. Since they are not very good at combat so they contribute against the Burning Crusade by donating their fur.

This is where silk comes from.

In other news..... I have a great many hunters in my life who dislike how I do things :p. I wanted to clarify: Wulfa and uglybrother both play hunters and have very very valid opinions. I'm just teasing them.

My technique goes as follows:
1) Sic pet on mob 1.
2) Shoot mob 1 with arcane shot.
3) Hunters mark on mob 2.
4) Arcane shot, concussion shot, auto shot, poison shot etc on mob 2 while it runs at me.
5) Raptor strike and mongoose bite while waiting for arcane shot to refresh.
6) step back 5 yards Arcane shot if the mob is still alive, then repeat step 5.
7) once mob 2 is dead help pet kill mob 1.

Sometimes I vary it up and use flame trap(not level 20 yet).

Still haven't passed 400 hps at level 17. This seems absurdly low.

Eightdeaths is my new pet. A green ravager. His name is tribute to the trouble he gave me....stupid knockdown abilities. Yay for fear animal.