Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okay guys.

Here is my idea of a good Survival talent build:
My goals were:

1) The best selection of Debuffs possible. So I'm hoping to bring Expose weakness(25% of my Agi as attackpower upon a crit) and Improved Hunters Mark(HM applies 100% to melee as well), and Aimed Shot(+ranged damage done to target).
2) Crowd control. Longer lasting traps, shorter cooldowns, lesst resist. Oh and Wyvern Sting for a 12 sec sleep.
3) Anything and everything that would increase my critting. As crits get me mana and debufs and damage and awesome.
4) And finally. -Some- Melee. I have this crazy idea that I'll stand about 6yds from a mob and whenever Raptorstrike isn't on cooldown and I'm inbetween autoshots I'll step up and RS hoping for a crit. Then step back and continue my Steadyshot rotation. I think this will actually be a decent source of DPS with Raptor strike having such a huge crit chance.

I swapped out Deterance and Counterattack for 2/2 on Imp. FD. Having that extra chance to shed hate is going to be too worth it I think.
I've also gotten rid of 2/3 hawk eye and traded in 2/3 Imp. Wing Clip. With my strategy from goal #4 I won't be needing the range and I figured wingclip was the best of the remaining alternatives.
So... gimme feedback.
P>S> Wulfa's gonna have to post about what she discovered today. She was squeeing.

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