Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Want to know a secret? It's not a very good one. I wish it was though sometimes.(This last sentence was only written because I thought the first two sounded like Sonny from "I Robot" and I had to write another one using his voice in my head :P)

So the secret is that I don't like playing hunter/mage/warrior/rogue..... because everyone else plays them. Nothing to do with the mechanics(unless we're talking about warrior). I just hate doing "what everyone else is doing". It comes of being an older brother with three younger siblings who always wanted to do -exactly- what I did. I was a retard and resented this.

So I rolled a Shaman(who I like mechanics wise) because they are the -least- played class. I mean only 5% of the population plays them....... that's only 500,000 people. I'm so freaking unique. This came crashing into my head yesterday when I saw all the responses to Cass.

This secondary thought about how many people -really- play shaman is helping a lot with my survival hunter. I'm anti-dps(because everyone dpses), and anti-hunter for the same reason. So knowing that 500,000 people play shaman lets me know that it isn't that bad that 1,800,000 people play hunter. So now I can play a class I enjoy mechanics wise.

Sides we all know that there aren't any Survival hunters ;P.

Another surprise that hit me this weekend was that to a great extent Partying != Social, and Soloing = Social. Which seems backwards but its true.

In a party you are trying hard to focus on your role. Communication is limited to the encounter for the most part. You do more things with people but find out less about them.

Soloing you are much more relaxed and often idle. Communication is a lot more chatty and open. You do less with people but find out a lot more about them.

For me, the bonding is in the talking. If I don't talk to you a lot I'm not bonding much which leads to me not talking to you much into a vicious draining circle until we don't talk at all. And the opposite. I become closer to those I talk with a lot. When Ess and GameDame and I exchanged hourly emails for Pox I felt like I was making friends in game for the first time in ages. When Cayleigh chatted with me for over an hour I was enthralled. When Raviss, a feral druid on my old server would chat with me while he mined he became the only guild member on my friends list. Excetera! Excetera!

I wonder if this is true across the board or just is an effect of my viewpoint.

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