Thursday, April 24, 2008


At level 24 I get Mana Burn. Yes! -dances around excitedly- I can get my revenge for all those who have mana-tapped me! BTW I'm not yet 24, I'm still 22, but I'm oh-so-eagerly looking forward to that level. Pox played last night and we owned, of course. Don't listen to anything Trif tells you. He's a great tank. Ohohohoh! I have a new toy! Shackle undead! I canz crowdz control! I even got complemented on my superlative use of it. I think we all got a blue? maybe. Kitzen ruled the night with her rolls on stuff, and as our resident enchanter she took all the greens we didn't want and enchanted our feet. Now they won't stop dancing in a merrily little tune. I'll have to speak with her about that. We took pictures, well, I didn't, but everyone else did, of our courageous defeat of the big dude in SFK. Forget his name, but he's been awfully busy. Lot's of his sons running around. And the area around SFK? Full of herbs! I'll have to get busy and farm herbs for a bit this week .....

(Wulfa out. Beowulfa in.)

(B) "Yeah, Hellfire is rough. I have a hard time taking down the demons there."
(D) "Really? That makes me feel a little better."
(B) "Yeah, it's really rough. I have to regen after 2-3 fights. My mana dips below 50% even! And those mana burners-hate hate hate (btw, I've never run into them before now that I can remember so they were a nasty shock)."
(D) "Wait-you're complaining about having to regen? Mana below 50%? Is that what you call hard?"
(B) "Well, I used to be able to kill 4-5 mobs and now it's down to 2-3, sometimes 4 depending on the mob. That's sad."
(D) "-speechless-"

Yep, that's me, efficient mana user who dislikes the nice little blue bar to disppear. And who hates to regen. And that's why I found Hellfire Peninsula hard and wanted to upgrade all my gear. Thanks to all who pointed out that really, the upgrades I was getting for the quests in HP (is that the correct acronym for that area?) were the best I could expect for a bit. I didn't want to believe you. There are always better things on the AH. And until I hit 60 that was true. Now my gear is comparable and upgrading would cost me more gold than I want to spend for less upage on stats that I like to see.

(Beowulfa out. Beo in.)

This fierce little Alliance priest is going to be storming down VC tonight with the help of friends. Hopefully she'll ding 20 so I'll have mindflay. "And on to 21, then 22, then 23, and all the way to 24! Yeeeaaaah!" And I'm so proud of this little Draenei priestess. She has more gold than Beowulfa did at her age and Beo has done most of that with AH flipping (although Dammy does contribute a LOT of stuff to sell, but Beowulfa had help from some of his brothers at the beginning of her career).

(Beo out. RL avatar in.)

Too many characters. I need to herb on Wulfa, level Beo up, level Beowulfa up, make more gold with Beowulfa because I got my new mount and we're broke (well, sort of), make more gold with Beo so we can both fully twink ourselves out, and the list goes on.

P.S. Welcome to all the new Poxers who have joined our ranks and have not had a special Wulfa welcome yet. Especial hellos to One Among Many and Laser Chicken (I think he spells that differently)!!


Goeben said...

I don't remember the mana burners you describe, but as a hunter you should have no problem with them. Here's the simple tactic: Many casters have a range of only 30 yards; you have a range of at least 35 yards (42 if you have the Hawkeye talent). Stand outside 30 yards and they won't burn you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome Wulfa ^_^

/bear hug

Dammerung said...

@ Goeben: Cool! I'll try that out. thanks!

@ One Among Many: /bear hug back

(bah this is Beowulfa not Dammy)

Daxenos said...

WHAT??? VC tonight?? Oo, Oo, can I come????

Daxenos (No, not that one! the Dwarf!)

Beowulfa said...

@ daxenos: of course! The more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

LOL. BTW, the most common acronym for it is HFP for HellFire Penn. And the mana burners were not a total shock since I had run into them on several chars before BC came out but they ARE nasty! Be you hunter, priest, shaman or mage. Probably other things too but I would not know first hand on others. Oh, and good luck on VC!