Monday, April 21, 2008

Silk Cows

Apparently I was entirely and completely wrong. To quote: "I wish things were that simple". Silk doesn't apparently come from Bears.

It comes from cows.

Yeah I know...that rocks your world doesn't it. It absolutely blew mine away. All these years... all these wasted wasted years.

After a long period spent researching I found out that the reason for this horrible LIE being spread about bears... a cow druid.

That's right... a cow druid(probably grim totem) was mask-err-raiding as a bear... leading to a huge misunderstanding and a very very embarrassed and amorous real bear. This is why kiddies we tell you: Friends don't let friends shift and silk. It goes places you just don't want to go.

And in other news: I added the Squeekie and the Punny to my reader list. They rock.

DPS don't seem 'useful'. I need to get over this.

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