Thursday, April 24, 2008

RAWR or whatever sound cows make.

SFK was a walk. A happy cheerful walk in the park after lunch.

I have decided that "pull" means wander out somewhere whiles your DPS burn down anything that gets close.

Shackle is awesome... its like polysheep for undead.

Curses are funny. Especially when your rogue gets hit with dagger/sword skill down and huge amounts of shadow damage per second. Abuto is like a curse magnet. Poor little troll.

I was hoping that Bearform would make me immune to Argul turning me into a worgen. It didn't. But worgen look so much cooler than bearform. I wish i had a wargenform.

Meep is a ninja. Seriously. The little cat was ninja'ing on everything and then blaming it on Kitzen.

Kitzen however rocks. She turns all the inventory clogging crappy greens into dust. And then she spreads the dust on our gear... so we can wear the greens anyways! Isn't it awesome.

I'm really hoping for some Abuto/Kitzen screenshots as mine are at home and I -almost- never post at home.

I really hate these short small sentences/thoughts but I -really- -really-(two reallys + dashes = more really) wanted to post about how enjoyable last night was, because the tones of my last couple of posts have been bleak.

OOOo a thought. You hear people say: "He's an angry drunk or a sad drunk" etc. Well, I'm a "sad sleepy". When I get tired I get weepy(Orclette gets this from me).

Expresso is sooo much better than coffee because you can drink it in shot glasses with a dash of syrup and half and half.

Engineering is a copper whore.

Copper is a lot easier to get than I imagined when you focus on mining. Sheeesh.

Engineering uses a lot of copper.

I really want those tanking goggles.

Dang I need more copper.

Tonight is mining. I had wanted to level the Shunter for Sid-he-DEEv-Ills but I also want to have my goggles.. and the goggles win.

Oooo work emails. Later people.

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Hey! You posted over me! No fair.