Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silk Bears

In the forests of Ashenvale there is a hidden secret vale. In this vale live the Silk Bears. They are made of silk with cotten candy insides. Since they are not very good at combat so they contribute against the Burning Crusade by donating their fur.

This is where silk comes from.

In other news..... I have a great many hunters in my life who dislike how I do things :p. I wanted to clarify: Wulfa and uglybrother both play hunters and have very very valid opinions. I'm just teasing them.

My technique goes as follows:
1) Sic pet on mob 1.
2) Shoot mob 1 with arcane shot.
3) Hunters mark on mob 2.
4) Arcane shot, concussion shot, auto shot, poison shot etc on mob 2 while it runs at me.
5) Raptor strike and mongoose bite while waiting for arcane shot to refresh.
6) step back 5 yards Arcane shot if the mob is still alive, then repeat step 5.
7) once mob 2 is dead help pet kill mob 1.

Sometimes I vary it up and use flame trap(not level 20 yet).

Still haven't passed 400 hps at level 17. This seems absurdly low.

Eightdeaths is my new pet. A green ravager. His name is tribute to the trouble he gave me....stupid knockdown abilities. Yay for fear animal.

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