Friday, April 25, 2008

I Has Phat Lewtz!

So my anniversary present from Dammy was top secret this year. So top secret, in fact, that I didn't get it the day of, nor the day after. And I haven't received the entirety yet. But part one did come yesterday.


It is way cool. I feel like a real hunter now. I also feel just a bit geekish now. And it looks good on me, too. They know how to make shirts.

But on to killings. Ess, Sal, Daxe, and meself took on Deadmines last night. And for the first time ever I had voice chat on! I could hear other people through the laptop! Yes, I'm a technological virgin. This is like discovering there are t.v.'s in the world. And poor Daxe-Orclette had some things on her mind and shared them very loudly. He had headsets on. And I probably was talking too loudly. It felt like I should. I mean, they're so far away that I should talk louder, right? :) And I found out that I'm sooo much more reserved when people can hear me. I think I might like typing better. Maybe I just need to get used to the whole voice thing. Anyway.

We started out just the three of us-Ess, Sal, and meself. Sal was tanking, Ess dps, me healer. We were slowly progressing through but when Daxe signed on we invited him and all of a sudden we were like Speedy Gonzalez (I don't know if I spelled that right). Really no trouble at all until we got to Mr. Smite. Ess fell in the water and on her way back to us aggroed more mobs. Me, bright priest that I am, didn't bring any mana potions whatsoever and ran out of mana. I also forgot that I had a blessing of hope thingymajiggy that restores mana that I could've used .... oh well. Next time. And there will be a next time. We left those dudies quaking in their boots.



BigBearButt said...

I think I'm justified in asking for a pic of the Wulfa wearing the shirt....

or of the Orclette, maybe.

Beowulfa said...

Since Dammy thinks that would be a great idea a picture will be coming soon, although finding a picture that I will allow to be posted might take a long, long time .....