Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Orclette-less Night!

Ha! I went the entire evening without thinking of my Orclette. There has to be some sort of award for that. And we had an oh-so-glamorous celebration of 2 years of marriage: There is this cute little coffee shop in the small town where we live that serves cafe-type food. I thought we'd go there as we didn't have time to eat at the one sit-down restaurant in the town before our movie. Unfortunately, the cute little cafe was closed, and our options were several fast-food places. We chose Braums, and there we had bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes. Five Stars! And then we circled the houses we wanted to look at (we're thinking very hard about buying a house-I'm tired of renting). And then we saw The Forbidden Kingdom. I LOVED it. It's totally worth seeing, in my opinion. And don't worry, I won't ruin the movie by telling you details. I know how some people hate that (I, however, always read the back of the book first). And then we collected Orclette and DumbBrother and went on home. Where we promptly fell asleep. 'Cause it was past our bedtime. It was maybe 10 p.m. And I had a fantastic time.

And here is one of the conversations I had with Dammy last evening:

(D) "I only want to raid with a Shaman."
(B) -sigh-"What about your hunter in BBB's guild?"
(D) "What about him?"
(B) "You need to think carefully about whether you want to invest any more time into a character that you'll not want to raid with. Then you'll look back and regret that you didn't roll a shammy ....."
-please understand that at least 2-3 times a month Dammy decides that shammies are icky horrible and that he never wants to play Dammerung again. Then something like Cassie rolling one and him posting a few tips gets him all excited about that class again. THEN, he thinks about how cool it would be to have a mage. What about a MM hunter? Ooh, should he go resto or enhancement? Cool butterflies! Or maybe his hunter should be survival? That's it, I'm not playing WOW anymore! Can I please please please get on now Beo? I really want to level my shammy again!

That's how conversations with Dammy go. When he refers to not being "allowed" to roll another character, I'm the person who's not allowing him and forcing him to focus on only 2-3 characters. But do you see why that is necessary?

And in case you were wondering why I wasn't posting as frequently, here goes my explanation.
All spare moments are spent leveling either Beo (alliance) or Beowulfa (horde). I maybe read our blog and then Orclette's awake, and I don't play when she's awake. And then yesterday I got the itch to re-read Harry Potter and I picked up the first 3 and well, if you've read them, you know how hard it is to put them down. And I've also been trying to keep my house relaxed and sweet-smelling. I no longer have the excuse of "I'm pregnant" or "I've got a newborn" and I hate dirt and clutter (my mom would so laugh at me right now). So I've been doing that and throwing out junk and organizing ..... so yeah, no time right now for reading/posting.

(have you seen Mean Girls? Then you'll know I'm saying this tongue-in-cheek):
"Love Ya!"


Dammerung said...

I have to admit that being forced to only work on one character has helped a lot. In terms of leveling and making friends etc.

I get burnt out fairly quickly if I'm doing the same thing. But there are certain things that are just fun. So once I finish being bored I go back to them. There are some exceptions, but thats the general rule.

Daxenos said...

/whisper Dammy Roll an alt....

rooooooooooooooooooooooooll an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt....