Friday, June 24, 2011

Wherein the King is crowned.

Behold, one and all, the Bear King! He has been crowned by his lovely daughter Princess Orclette.

Damm: "The bear is trying to eat my face."

Princess Orclette: "These photo ops take the LONGEST time. Are we done yet?"

Princess Orclette: "Ok, seriously, we done yet?"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in the Game.

Last year I signed up for the DailySpark at the behest of my mom, who uses the site extensively. It's completely free and has tons of stuff to do: blogs to read, tools for tracking your nutrition, fitness, water intake, etc, and much, much more. Way too much, in my opinion. I dabbled around with the site for a couple of weeks, but it was just too much given that we were still in the midst of a grueling semester.

I have more time during the summer, however, and in an effort to cultivate more things my mom and I do together I decided to take another look. So far I have tracked today's calories and the exercises I have done. At first it's annoying: you have to enter or find caloric values for your food, enter "groupings" (i.e. combinations of foods you regularly eat) and enter your workouts in detail. You can save everything, however, so at this point I point and click to enter my foods and also the strength training and cardio I've done. And I like it. I'm still trying to avoid getting sidetracked with everything else the site has to offer, but I think given a bit of investment it could be a fun and valuable aid in making our (i.e. my family) lives healthier. There's a book as well: The Spark, by Chris Downie. Barnes & Noble has-at this point for some stores it may be had, since the Bargain section changes constantly-copies at $5.98 (ISBN 9780594123002).

This is not an endorsed post. Is that what they call it? When a site pays/compensates someone for making them sound good? Anyway, I have not been paid/approached/what have you. I actually do like the site. If you do sign up, look for Wulfawolf. No, I have no imagination when it comes to my online monikers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The wisdom of a 4-year old.

Orclette, very sagely: "We should go there (Kazakstan). We went there when I was a baby."

Also: "Maybe my uncle could take me to Argentina when I get big big bigger."

And, for your viewing pleasure, since I have no words left to say.

She made sure they color coordinated that day.

She kept on trying to swipe my hat. She finally succeeded.

And the Miniorc being cute.