Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fishing and cooking

Fishing 125 yay. Cooking 132? Starting to get close to my level cap for these and am worried because I cannot find anyone to train me in expert cooking or fishing. Someone said that someone told them that a book in Booty Bay could teach you. Although how a book is going to show you how to fish I do not know. Seems like books would avoid water.

Some things I hate about being on a pvp server.... hilsbrad is full of angry upset alliance people. and I value my greenish-blue booty too much to wander over there just for the fish I desperately want. Thats right. I want sagefish. And the only place I know of to find them is hilsbrad's river.

I do listen. I swear. Ratshag says stay 2handed, because it does more damage. And I'm back to using my ugly staff of WHOMPING. Someone else says stay enhancement because it makes leveling easier... this I disagree with. I think that newbie shamans should go elemental until level 30(when you get windfury weapon prot). At 30 I would respec into enhancement, until then I think the extra spell damage and lower spell cost helps more than the extra crits do at this level. And crits is all you get until level 25(when you get flurry but I'd still hold off until 30). After 40(when you get dual wield... enhancement all the way for soloing). This of course is only the opinion of a low level Shaman who has never been past 25. But yeah.

But Dammy, you ask, why are you still enhancement? Because Beowulfa has me on allowance and if I spend a penny more than she gives me on anything other than training I'm a dead orc. So until my [Tommy's little peashooter] sells I can't respec. I'll probably be 30 at that point anyways. Also I'm currently 2 points into dodge instead of into the str/agi totem boost. This is because I -never- use str/agi totems when soloing... things die too fast.

Did you know that when you are flying from Barrens to Ogrimar there are two towers overseeing the west gate? I didn't until I flew into it today. Always before when I hit the river it would freeze up and then suddenly I'd appear on the bat roost tower.

Also I didn't know that you can see the mountains surrounding mulgore when you are standing in Thunder Bluff.

Well I think thats it for now. I'm going to go check some football scores and then go to sleep. P.S. Orclette is so incredibly awesome, I don't mind her making me sleepy. She makes up for it by falling asleep on my chest and snuggling with me.


All the people who suggested I wait to worry about gear too much until later I'm listening to you too, the time I've saved by not browsing the AH has gained me half a level at least :P. Also to all the people who helped me with suggestions about Addons, once I figure out my new comp a bit more I will be following your links to see what we got and what I end up liking. When I do that I will post a follow up saying what I chose and why.

Groeben: Whoop! Any time we beat t.u. twice in a row is a good time. I'm convinced Mac Brown is a Human Mage.

This blue is me crying because Mr. T rolls alliance.

WHO LET SHATNER ROLL HORDE. Ratshag you should so very much do something about this. Trade him for TJ or something.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lots of random stuff and some leftover real life stuff.

Ding 24!

Still haven't respecced elemental, but I have regeared towards castery. And it is helping. I have more than 1200 mana now which makes me a happy Dammerung.

I'm really really really tempted to respec. All in all it will mean more casting/faster, with slightly less melee damage(right now all I'm really getting from enhance is the crit%).

I hate slow 2handed weapons right now for some reason. I desperately would like to have a nice dagger but spending to get one that would get close to the 20 dps that my staff has is out of the question.

Finishing up the barrens green quests got me to 24. I think I'm going to continue like that... doing green quests. Its fast, its easy, and as long as I kill everything in my path while doing the quest its like I'm grinding but I get the occasional extra xp from the quest.

Tried doing Ragefire Chasm solo last night. Its doable but because they are elites the mobs are entirely not worth it.

Hard for me to think right now. I'm really tired and my baby orclette has been out of her normal routine due to Thanksgiving and is generally fussy and teething.

Some things I've noticed though. One: I started this trying to sorta write like Ratshag but more and more I just sound like me. I think I shall give up entirely the writing like someone else and hopefully I don't sadden too many people.

My team won and the couch I don't like resigned. I feel sad for him as a person because I know it sucks to lose your job and he probably gets tons of hate mail. However I'm glad he no longer coaches for us as I did not feel like he was doing a good job and I felt he was really unreliable. I am curious who we will get to replace him though.

Well I think thats it. I have to watch the orclette all day tomorrow solo and I need to crash now.


How to tell your raid leader likes the Shammy more than you!

A [grasshopper] drops.


I can see!

So when I log in. I can actually see things. Before I'm on top of them. Step by step I turn up the graphics and it still runs smoothly. This is a huge difference from before when I had to turn off EVERYTHING to handle barrens lag. And where I would avoid all larger cities all together because I did not dare risk the lag.

Thanksgiving has been great. My parents got to spend a lot of time with Orclette and I was able to sit down and just hold Beowulfa and watch as everyone came to our house for the meal. I think all and all it was a success. Everyone was happy and had a chance to talk with everyone else. Which is good. Hosting thanksgiving for the first time I guess is comparable to leading a raid for the first time. Lots of frantic and a lot of hoping everything goes smoothly and you don't accidently agro a relative.

I.... love.... typing.... on.... this...

I love it.

It is so easy so smooth so shiny so fast.


Beowulfa you rock.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


So PrettyOrc is horrible about keeping secrets... because she hates doing so. So right after she bought my christmas/birthday/thanksgiving/anniversery present I found out about it.

I now own a new little thinbook mac.

Model Name: Mac
Model Identifier: MacBook2,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz

To say I'm happy is an understatement.

Once I get used to the differences in WoW this will be amazingly better than the old horrible laptop I was using before.

I will have to find out exactly how bad and slow my other computer was but... ick.

I LOVE MY PRETTYORC. This is so much better than the raptor head socks or the puntable gnome that had been mindcontrolled to run back so that you could punt him again.

Best Christmas present ever.

Very happy mfd.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Dammerung and Orclette!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So thanksgiving cooking has started now. PrettyOrc and Orclette's Grandma are splitting the kitchen duties and I'm handling Orclette agro atm.

In general its been awesome to see my parents again. And Orclette has been complete enthralled with the attention she is getting.

Posts will be short and sweet for the next couple days.

mfd out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Emerald Dream

All stats are thanks to: Okoloth

Realm Balance (Level 70 Only) - 1st November 2007

Emerald Dream

Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior

10.2% 13.3% 12% 12.8% 10.6% 13.1% 4.6% 10.5% 12.9%

9.1% 10.9% 12.2% 6.9% 11.6% 11.9% 10.8% 12.8% 13.8%

52.5% Alliance 47.5% Horde

I'm posting this mostly because I like pretty percentage points but also because some poor missinformed hordelings thought we were outnumbered 5 to 1 by the Confederation of People Favoring Genocide or Enslavement.



Some questions I have.

1) For Shaman what stat affects spell crits and if I was going to respec elemental shaman which stats should I focus on? I was thinking at this level Int,Naturedamage+,Spirit,Defense(as always). I'm going to go elemental because well... when I get tired... thats what I do... mash the blasty buttons and forget to get into melee range. Not that I won't ever melee again. Far from it. I'm just going to try spending my talents to reinforce my play style. And yeah I know at this level its a little too early to pick something but as you can tell I'm really an overly defensive person who is arguing at people who may or may not even read this post and if they do they probably WANT me to respec.

2) Any particular gear items worth getting at level 20-30? Yeah I know you highbies are all "don't bother even WEARING gear until level 700[not a typo]". But I'm not a troll or a decadent human. Going nakid just isn't my thing.

3) Are there any level 20-30 zones that are better looking/smelling/morefun than Stonetalon Mountains? I've been uglier zones. I've been laggier zones. But I've never seen an elephant fl- I mean I've never seen a zone that made me feel more bleh.

4) Where do I find the following items: Fishing chair, romantic picnic basket?

5) About how much gold should I have for my first mount? PrettyOrc is planning on saving up about 90g each and I wondered if there were any hidden costs.

6) Why isn't Thanksgiving a mandatory weeklong holiday and celebration? This is my favorite "holiday", my second favorite "offical-day-of-the-year". And it is celebrated by loads of food, if we combined it with Christmas and had it cover the entire last week of november that would own.

7) Why is it that you can always remember your brother's birthday 3 days before it happens but never remember it on the day of the event?

8) What is the rp reason Orc's can't have priests? And don't tell me it is because we have shaman. Bluecows have shaman and priests.

9) I need a good simple threatmeter. And only a threatmeter. Last time I tried to download addons(by tried I mean I told my younger brother to do it). I ended up with 1000kilos of actionbars and a ton of things surrounding my circlemap. Any suggestions?

10) Okay I lied I also want something to make my map show coordinates and I'm going to redownload auctioneer. So this question is what is the simplest most stable map addon?

11) Hunter peoples: Where is a good place while leveling(20-40) that has a lot of tricky adds? So we can practice pulling/freeze trapping in a party setting.

12) Do you think a level 25 BM hunter and a level 25 elemental shaman and a level 20? BM hunter could take any of the bosses in brairthorn Razorfen Kraul in an hour or so? Without help from anyone else?

Yeah I think thats it.

mfd bored at work.

As always edits in green. Thanks to Goeben for the comment and correction.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Stunned! Five seconds remaining.

I followed a link on this wonderful website, and what did I find out? YOU CAN REPLACE BAGS WITHOUT EMPTYING THEM.

I'm as stunned as she was.

Hey prettyorc check out the link you'll like it I think.

Why must we have a title?

Someone tell me what the awesome strategy is that the Horde use to defend our noble lands from the Cruely Imperialistic Alliance. Renoobed mentioned it but he's all secretive and posts screenshots that don' explain nothin!

Teej surrendered? I find this unlikely. She's like a bag of popcorn....everytime you think she's down... POP!...and then the next thing you know your micro-fire-mage-box is all filled with smoke and your popcorn is black and grrr.

I forget what I was talking about but yeah it was true.

There is a priest blog I read that was fun reading today or yesterday?... its got a human or dwarf(they all look the same) female priest sitting in water up to her chin. Anyways I'd link but I'm too lazy to hunt the link down and actually post it.

The Ogrimmar Boomers lost saturday to the Camp Taurajo Raiders. This made me sad as I was hoping for a 10-1 boomer team to compete with the Kara Dragonhawks 11-0 team or the Moonglade Tigers 10-1 team(depending on who won when they meet this Saturday). Right now I'm thinking I'll have to be a Dragonhawks fan because well normally they get owned by the other Axebomb teams but this year has been an orcerella year for them.

My personal team the Taurajo Axes & Maimery Axies are a disapointment this year and I hope their coach gets fired faster than he is already.

Orclette graduated to a bigger wolfseat today. Now she can sit up and look off the back of the wolf when Beowulfa takes her along for errands.

Thats it for now.

If you haven't guessed already work is slow today.


Added links to my links section for kestral, retnoob, this person, that person, your third cousin twice removed. ETC.

Edited again at 9:14am:
I want this! So very very badly.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Call of water

Today was extremely gratifying. I spent a lot of time out of game playing with PrettyOrc and Orclette. The weather was great and my house got semi clean. Also I didn't spend too much money or eat too much.

In game also went well. I'm cooking 115 now and fishing 100something. I'm level 22 and I FINALLY finished the call of water quest. /tiredfromrunning
Everyguide tells you how this is a *long* quest. And I still had no clue that it would be that long. Wow. I don't want to run anywhere ever again. I think I shall park my green tired booty and just grind for the next 2 levels.

The "crew" and I(Myself(21Shaman, Moonsongdown(17 hunter) and Beowulfa(22hunter) decided we'd do WC with just us. It went really well. We can safely handle 2-3 of the elites at a time even the druids that sleep you. At the same time we were able to practice partying skills. I am designated leader/markerofmobs/healer/totemer etc. Beowulfa is puller. Susan[beowulfa] is main tank. Moonsong is dps and his pet is the same(growl turned off). I'm offtank for adds. We move a bit slowly but most of that is due to trying to learn the best pulling techniques and practicing things like ice traps and different totems. We were able to almost get to Lord Cobrakhan(sp?) and we easily killed the first Fanglorddruid and the 2 raptors that agroed with her. Her shoulders(the +9agi blues) dropped and Beo got them. I had the loot screwed up at that point so there was no dicing.

Next time we go back I'm certain we can get Cobrakhan and at least two other fanglords in the hourish time period we usually have. Doing it this way is so much more fun than being led through by a high level, however when doing the quest I'd -way- rather a high level just blow me through it. I hate quests taking a long time.

Having water/fire/earth totems is nice. Very nice. I like it. Not sure I'll stay enhancement though. More and more I find myself wanting to stay out of melee and just blast/heal. Well that is until I crit. Which is often. I've worked my crit% up to 11.44% with the staff I'm using. So it goes off often enough for me to notice. Also today I broke 200 damage with a nice nifty 233 crit on a raptor. Yay.

Any suggestions on a good 2handed axe for levels23-27? Hmm I think I shall hit up thotbott before I go to bed.

Adios for now guys.


Edited removing bits that confused me.

Selflink isn't the same thing as selfless

I often read this guy. But he hasn't updated since friday morning which frusterates me.

I like playing on a PVP server most of the time, the extra danger of suddenly dying without knowing why because a level 8000million long-eared freak druid cat thing [insert catdruid attackskill]'s you in Stonetalon right after you kill your last spider for a quest is fun sorta you know?

Dear Alliance,

I know that the only thing you live for is killing babies and murdering old ladies and enslaving people. However, everytime you invade the Barrens en-mass and attack Camp Taurojo and Crossroads and the Gold Road and the Rampart and Ratchet -at- the same time. You lag death me. Lag death means I have to sign off and you don't get to kill me? Does that sound fun? Noooooo.

So how bout you only mass attack zones I'm not in. And you send your evil catdruid things to attack me BYTHEMSELVES in the zones I'm in.



Now the one cool thing about their mass attack on Friday night before it lagged me to the point where I had to wait a full minute for my instant cast spells to go off was:

Imagine for a moment the sound of water lapping up against a pier.
Now imagine the small *plop* as a hook and bobber is tossed out into the water.
*lapp* *plop*
*lapp* *plop*
On and on and on. Now lets back out just a few feet farther:
*lapp* *plop* [mindless screaming][flames crackling][weapons clashing]

Yeah thats right. In ratchet I'm not auto flagged. So I can chose if I'm going to participate in the stupid mindless wars that the humans endlessly force upon us. So I was fishing on the night that Ratchet died. The goblins were being slaughtered behind me and spells were landing all around me. And I was fishing on the night that the Barrens died.

Ghost wolf.

Say it with me GHOSTWOLF.

I love ghost wolf. I love it I love it I love it. I love the dance I love the speed I love it.

What/who I don't love is Brine. She is hard to find and I hate her/him/it.

Not sure if I will get around to upadating the sigs today but here's our new levels:
Dammerung 20
Beowulfa 22

I've requested she let me catch up but I may have to wait until level 70 for that.

Well thats all... I'm catching orclette agro again and my squishes will die(to beowulfa) if I don't hurry up and tank it.