Sunday, November 18, 2007

Selflink isn't the same thing as selfless

I often read this guy. But he hasn't updated since friday morning which frusterates me.

I like playing on a PVP server most of the time, the extra danger of suddenly dying without knowing why because a level 8000million long-eared freak druid cat thing [insert catdruid attackskill]'s you in Stonetalon right after you kill your last spider for a quest is fun sorta you know?

Dear Alliance,

I know that the only thing you live for is killing babies and murdering old ladies and enslaving people. However, everytime you invade the Barrens en-mass and attack Camp Taurojo and Crossroads and the Gold Road and the Rampart and Ratchet -at- the same time. You lag death me. Lag death means I have to sign off and you don't get to kill me? Does that sound fun? Noooooo.

So how bout you only mass attack zones I'm not in. And you send your evil catdruid things to attack me BYTHEMSELVES in the zones I'm in.



Now the one cool thing about their mass attack on Friday night before it lagged me to the point where I had to wait a full minute for my instant cast spells to go off was:

Imagine for a moment the sound of water lapping up against a pier.
Now imagine the small *plop* as a hook and bobber is tossed out into the water.
*lapp* *plop*
*lapp* *plop*
On and on and on. Now lets back out just a few feet farther:
*lapp* *plop* [mindless screaming][flames crackling][weapons clashing]

Yeah thats right. In ratchet I'm not auto flagged. So I can chose if I'm going to participate in the stupid mindless wars that the humans endlessly force upon us. So I was fishing on the night that Ratchet died. The goblins were being slaughtered behind me and spells were landing all around me. And I was fishing on the night that the Barrens died.

Ghost wolf.

Say it with me GHOSTWOLF.

I love ghost wolf. I love it I love it I love it. I love the dance I love the speed I love it.

What/who I don't love is Brine. She is hard to find and I hate her/him/it.

Not sure if I will get around to upadating the sigs today but here's our new levels:
Dammerung 20
Beowulfa 22

I've requested she let me catch up but I may have to wait until level 70 for that.

Well thats all... I'm catching orclette agro again and my squishes will die(to beowulfa) if I don't hurry up and tank it.

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Kat said...



I couldn't help but notice "And I was fishing on the night that the Barrens died."

That is the way to max fishing. A man with a mission. Great work.