Sunday, November 18, 2007

Call of water

Today was extremely gratifying. I spent a lot of time out of game playing with PrettyOrc and Orclette. The weather was great and my house got semi clean. Also I didn't spend too much money or eat too much.

In game also went well. I'm cooking 115 now and fishing 100something. I'm level 22 and I FINALLY finished the call of water quest. /tiredfromrunning
Everyguide tells you how this is a *long* quest. And I still had no clue that it would be that long. Wow. I don't want to run anywhere ever again. I think I shall park my green tired booty and just grind for the next 2 levels.

The "crew" and I(Myself(21Shaman, Moonsongdown(17 hunter) and Beowulfa(22hunter) decided we'd do WC with just us. It went really well. We can safely handle 2-3 of the elites at a time even the druids that sleep you. At the same time we were able to practice partying skills. I am designated leader/markerofmobs/healer/totemer etc. Beowulfa is puller. Susan[beowulfa] is main tank. Moonsong is dps and his pet is the same(growl turned off). I'm offtank for adds. We move a bit slowly but most of that is due to trying to learn the best pulling techniques and practicing things like ice traps and different totems. We were able to almost get to Lord Cobrakhan(sp?) and we easily killed the first Fanglorddruid and the 2 raptors that agroed with her. Her shoulders(the +9agi blues) dropped and Beo got them. I had the loot screwed up at that point so there was no dicing.

Next time we go back I'm certain we can get Cobrakhan and at least two other fanglords in the hourish time period we usually have. Doing it this way is so much more fun than being led through by a high level, however when doing the quest I'd -way- rather a high level just blow me through it. I hate quests taking a long time.

Having water/fire/earth totems is nice. Very nice. I like it. Not sure I'll stay enhancement though. More and more I find myself wanting to stay out of melee and just blast/heal. Well that is until I crit. Which is often. I've worked my crit% up to 11.44% with the staff I'm using. So it goes off often enough for me to notice. Also today I broke 200 damage with a nice nifty 233 crit on a raptor. Yay.

Any suggestions on a good 2handed axe for levels23-27? Hmm I think I shall hit up thotbott before I go to bed.

Adios for now guys.


Edited removing bits that confused me.

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Rubella said...

Hey -- I gtreatly enjoy your writing style here. Keep up the good work!

Regarding your question in this post as to a good 2-hander, farm Shadowfang Keep a couple times. You should be able to pick upo some good weapons/gear to boost your healing and DPS set. I don't have access to game sites right now (work firewall) but's instance guide is an excellent place to start.

SDpeaking of DPS sets, SFK will give you good stuff for both elemental and enhancement specs.