Monday, November 19, 2007

Why must we have a title?

Someone tell me what the awesome strategy is that the Horde use to defend our noble lands from the Cruely Imperialistic Alliance. Renoobed mentioned it but he's all secretive and posts screenshots that don' explain nothin!

Teej surrendered? I find this unlikely. She's like a bag of popcorn....everytime you think she's down... POP!...and then the next thing you know your micro-fire-mage-box is all filled with smoke and your popcorn is black and grrr.

I forget what I was talking about but yeah it was true.

There is a priest blog I read that was fun reading today or yesterday?... its got a human or dwarf(they all look the same) female priest sitting in water up to her chin. Anyways I'd link but I'm too lazy to hunt the link down and actually post it.

The Ogrimmar Boomers lost saturday to the Camp Taurajo Raiders. This made me sad as I was hoping for a 10-1 boomer team to compete with the Kara Dragonhawks 11-0 team or the Moonglade Tigers 10-1 team(depending on who won when they meet this Saturday). Right now I'm thinking I'll have to be a Dragonhawks fan because well normally they get owned by the other Axebomb teams but this year has been an orcerella year for them.

My personal team the Taurajo Axes & Maimery Axies are a disapointment this year and I hope their coach gets fired faster than he is already.

Orclette graduated to a bigger wolfseat today. Now she can sit up and look off the back of the wolf when Beowulfa takes her along for errands.

Thats it for now.

If you haven't guessed already work is slow today.


Added links to my links section for kestral, retnoob, this person, that person, your third cousin twice removed. ETC.

Edited again at 9:14am:
I want this! So very very badly.


Kestrel said...

Heya Dammerung :) Thanks for the linky! Just one note (I know you're an Orc, and all, and I'm just a member of the C.I.A., but...there's no "a" in "Kestrel."

Elistana said...

Congrats Orclette!!!!!