Friday, November 23, 2007

I can see!

So when I log in. I can actually see things. Before I'm on top of them. Step by step I turn up the graphics and it still runs smoothly. This is a huge difference from before when I had to turn off EVERYTHING to handle barrens lag. And where I would avoid all larger cities all together because I did not dare risk the lag.

Thanksgiving has been great. My parents got to spend a lot of time with Orclette and I was able to sit down and just hold Beowulfa and watch as everyone came to our house for the meal. I think all and all it was a success. Everyone was happy and had a chance to talk with everyone else. Which is good. Hosting thanksgiving for the first time I guess is comparable to leading a raid for the first time. Lots of frantic and a lot of hoping everything goes smoothly and you don't accidently agro a relative.

I.... love.... typing.... on.... this...

I love it.

It is so easy so smooth so shiny so fast.


Beowulfa you rock.


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Elistana said...

Haha... Great. I can see how the raid leading and hosting are similar. Thank goodness I haven't had to do it yet. Oh and Congrats on the new Compooter!