Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fishing and cooking

Fishing 125 yay. Cooking 132? Starting to get close to my level cap for these and am worried because I cannot find anyone to train me in expert cooking or fishing. Someone said that someone told them that a book in Booty Bay could teach you. Although how a book is going to show you how to fish I do not know. Seems like books would avoid water.

Some things I hate about being on a pvp server.... hilsbrad is full of angry upset alliance people. and I value my greenish-blue booty too much to wander over there just for the fish I desperately want. Thats right. I want sagefish. And the only place I know of to find them is hilsbrad's river.

I do listen. I swear. Ratshag says stay 2handed, because it does more damage. And I'm back to using my ugly staff of WHOMPING. Someone else says stay enhancement because it makes leveling easier... this I disagree with. I think that newbie shamans should go elemental until level 30(when you get windfury weapon prot). At 30 I would respec into enhancement, until then I think the extra spell damage and lower spell cost helps more than the extra crits do at this level. And crits is all you get until level 25(when you get flurry but I'd still hold off until 30). After 40(when you get dual wield... enhancement all the way for soloing). This of course is only the opinion of a low level Shaman who has never been past 25. But yeah.

But Dammy, you ask, why are you still enhancement? Because Beowulfa has me on allowance and if I spend a penny more than she gives me on anything other than training I'm a dead orc. So until my [Tommy's little peashooter] sells I can't respec. I'll probably be 30 at that point anyways. Also I'm currently 2 points into dodge instead of into the str/agi totem boost. This is because I -never- use str/agi totems when soloing... things die too fast.

Did you know that when you are flying from Barrens to Ogrimar there are two towers overseeing the west gate? I didn't until I flew into it today. Always before when I hit the river it would freeze up and then suddenly I'd appear on the bat roost tower.

Also I didn't know that you can see the mountains surrounding mulgore when you are standing in Thunder Bluff.

Well I think thats it for now. I'm going to go check some football scores and then go to sleep. P.S. Orclette is so incredibly awesome, I don't mind her making me sleepy. She makes up for it by falling asleep on my chest and snuggling with me.


All the people who suggested I wait to worry about gear too much until later I'm listening to you too, the time I've saved by not browsing the AH has gained me half a level at least :P. Also to all the people who helped me with suggestions about Addons, once I figure out my new comp a bit more I will be following your links to see what we got and what I end up liking. When I do that I will post a follow up saying what I chose and why.

Groeben: Whoop! Any time we beat t.u. twice in a row is a good time. I'm convinced Mac Brown is a Human Mage.

This blue is me crying because Mr. T rolls alliance.

WHO LET SHATNER ROLL HORDE. Ratshag you should so very much do something about this. Trade him for TJ or something.


TJ said...


One, Mr. T is the man.

Two, 1 TJ is worth about 42 William Shatners.

Kestrel said...

I was going to chuckle at the Shatner for TJ comment. But since TJ's watching, I'll just pass. ;)