Friday, November 23, 2007

Lots of random stuff and some leftover real life stuff.

Ding 24!

Still haven't respecced elemental, but I have regeared towards castery. And it is helping. I have more than 1200 mana now which makes me a happy Dammerung.

I'm really really really tempted to respec. All in all it will mean more casting/faster, with slightly less melee damage(right now all I'm really getting from enhance is the crit%).

I hate slow 2handed weapons right now for some reason. I desperately would like to have a nice dagger but spending to get one that would get close to the 20 dps that my staff has is out of the question.

Finishing up the barrens green quests got me to 24. I think I'm going to continue like that... doing green quests. Its fast, its easy, and as long as I kill everything in my path while doing the quest its like I'm grinding but I get the occasional extra xp from the quest.

Tried doing Ragefire Chasm solo last night. Its doable but because they are elites the mobs are entirely not worth it.

Hard for me to think right now. I'm really tired and my baby orclette has been out of her normal routine due to Thanksgiving and is generally fussy and teething.

Some things I've noticed though. One: I started this trying to sorta write like Ratshag but more and more I just sound like me. I think I shall give up entirely the writing like someone else and hopefully I don't sadden too many people.

My team won and the couch I don't like resigned. I feel sad for him as a person because I know it sucks to lose your job and he probably gets tons of hate mail. However I'm glad he no longer coaches for us as I did not feel like he was doing a good job and I felt he was really unreliable. I am curious who we will get to replace him though.

Well I think thats it. I have to watch the orclette all day tomorrow solo and I need to crash now.



Ratshag said...

Can't remember - can shammies dual wield from the get-go or does you need to be in yer 40th season or somesuch? Otherwise, a two-hander will always out-dps a one-hander at the same level. Trade off is you take less damage 'cuase of the shield. /shrug

Making you tired is the orclette's job right now. That, and beings cute. Do yer best ta roll with it - eventually you'll get you some sleep.

And you write it the way you wants to, bro. Tryin' to talk like someone else'll just drive ya batshit crazy.

Tengu said...

If I recall correctly you get dual-wield on level 40 if you spend your points in the talent tree. It is a talent, not a skill.

And yeah, Ratshag is right. Just write as yourself. It is much easier and you can focus on just writing what you feel like writing instead of thinking "How would I say this as an orc?"

Goeben said...

If you like playing your shammy as a caster, go ahead an respec elemental (if you can afford it). As you level up, your bolts, shocks and fire totems will become your main damage and you will gradually do less damage with your weapon. You will eventually want to use a fast 1h and shield, and use Flame Tongue weapon, because Flame tongue weapon is the weapon buff that gains the most damage from your spell damage. Flame Tongue also does not scale with weapon speed, so you want it to hit as often as possible, hence the fast weapon. But for now, just go with the best weapon you have, even quest rewards will usually do.

Gig em, Aggies!