Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some questions I have.

1) For Shaman what stat affects spell crits and if I was going to respec elemental shaman which stats should I focus on? I was thinking at this level Int,Naturedamage+,Spirit,Defense(as always). I'm going to go elemental because well... when I get tired... thats what I do... mash the blasty buttons and forget to get into melee range. Not that I won't ever melee again. Far from it. I'm just going to try spending my talents to reinforce my play style. And yeah I know at this level its a little too early to pick something but as you can tell I'm really an overly defensive person who is arguing at people who may or may not even read this post and if they do they probably WANT me to respec.

2) Any particular gear items worth getting at level 20-30? Yeah I know you highbies are all "don't bother even WEARING gear until level 700[not a typo]". But I'm not a troll or a decadent human. Going nakid just isn't my thing.

3) Are there any level 20-30 zones that are better looking/smelling/morefun than Stonetalon Mountains? I've been uglier zones. I've been laggier zones. But I've never seen an elephant fl- I mean I've never seen a zone that made me feel more bleh.

4) Where do I find the following items: Fishing chair, romantic picnic basket?

5) About how much gold should I have for my first mount? PrettyOrc is planning on saving up about 90g each and I wondered if there were any hidden costs.

6) Why isn't Thanksgiving a mandatory weeklong holiday and celebration? This is my favorite "holiday", my second favorite "offical-day-of-the-year". And it is celebrated by loads of food, if we combined it with Christmas and had it cover the entire last week of november that would own.

7) Why is it that you can always remember your brother's birthday 3 days before it happens but never remember it on the day of the event?

8) What is the rp reason Orc's can't have priests? And don't tell me it is because we have shaman. Bluecows have shaman and priests.

9) I need a good simple threatmeter. And only a threatmeter. Last time I tried to download addons(by tried I mean I told my younger brother to do it). I ended up with 1000kilos of actionbars and a ton of things surrounding my circlemap. Any suggestions?

10) Okay I lied I also want something to make my map show coordinates and I'm going to redownload auctioneer. So this question is what is the simplest most stable map addon?

11) Hunter peoples: Where is a good place while leveling(20-40) that has a lot of tricky adds? So we can practice pulling/freeze trapping in a party setting.

12) Do you think a level 25 BM hunter and a level 25 elemental shaman and a level 20? BM hunter could take any of the bosses in brairthorn Razorfen Kraul in an hour or so? Without help from anyone else?

Yeah I think thats it.

mfd bored at work.

As always edits in green. Thanks to Goeben for the comment and correction.


Goeben said...

1. The stats that affect spell damage are INT and + spell damage. You won't find much + spell damage at your level -- you will begin seeing more of it on gear in your 40s and 50s, then you will hit the big time in Outland (after level 58). At the point that you begin getting a lot of + spell damage, an elemental build will really take off; before that you will tend to lag behind an enhancement build damage-wise or else spend a lot of time drinking. It's not because the enhancement tree is "better" -- the reason an enhancement build usually does better at the low and mid levels is because enhancement is less dependent on mana for damage.

2. You will level very quickly from 20 to 30; don't worry about "great" gear, just try to keep updating your greens as you can. Any item that is exceptional at say level 22 will be mediocre by 29. Of course if you find an AH bargain on a blue, go for it.

3. I love Southern Barrens and Thousand Needles for level 20-30. Lots of interesting quest chains, and great for gathering mats if you are either a skinner or a miner (and not too bad for an herbalist). Hillsbrad is fun too, but only on a PvE server.

4. I believe the fishing chair and picnic basket come from "loot cards" from the trading card game. There's a code on the winning cards that you turn in to an NPC in Booty Bay. You can also get a riding turtle, cool looking tabards and other eye candy.

5. With the new discounts, it will depend on your reputation with your race. Mounts and mount training both qualify for discounts, or at least they used to. The new discounts are 5% for Friendly, 10% for Honored, 15% for Revered and 20% for Exalted. Base prices before the discounts are 90g for training and 10g for the mount. Check with the vendor in Orgrimmar (north east part of town) to see if you qualify for discounts.

6. Umm...sure, I'll vote for that.

7. Must be a disease cause I do that too.

8. Not sure.

9. You can download stand alone threat meters. I know Omen is stand alone, I use it on my hunter currently. I think KTM (or whatever it is) is also stand alone. Check a download site like Curse gaming.

10. I have used CT map mod, as well as several other of their addons. Very simple, plug and play, you choose what modules you want.

11. Humanoids are going to be the "trickiest" pulls. There are lots of choices, but here are some suggestions. Thousand Needles is a good place to start; there are two camps of centaurs on the north side of the canyon. Once camp is level 22-24ish, the other is 26-28ish. The lower level one also has a cave full of centaur. On the side of the canyon you will find harpies, they also have a cave. There is a quest that sends you to the harpy cave, which is actually fairly difficult at the appropriate level.

In your 30s, the centaurs in Desolace make for great grinding/questing/practice. They also have "bosses" that can give you a challenge.

12. I assume you are talking about Razorfen Kraul. Yes, three mid twenties can handle the first part of the instance, even the first mini boss or two, though you will probably die a lot too. Careful pulls, traps, and pet tanking will be the key, and your main job as the shammy will be to help keep the pets up. You won't be able to get to the end because the mobs and bosses in the second half are 28-31.

Jabari said...

Yeah, basically what goeben said.

For question 1, you want to look for:
- +nature damage/spell damage
- spell crit
- spell hit

For #2 - look for appropriate Jewelcrafting pieces - those give you the hard-to-find stats (spell damage, etc). There is a spell-hit ring that can be used at 22 (?) that is very good.

The rest of it doesn't matter so much (just generic INT/STAM pieces for the most part) - those get replaced fairly quickly.

Brandstone said...

Try out wowace.com for your addons. They have a program that will update them for you, and they tend to be nice clean addons to boot. Omen for threat and Cartographer for maps.

Elistana said...

WOw, I was going to offer some tips, but looks like these guys above me pretty much got u covered!


Dammerung said...

Thanks for all the helpful comments!

Hope you guys have a good thanksgiving.

Kinzlayer said...

goeben covered your questions pretty thoroughly. The only big time must-have add-on I think you should download for the three of you guys if you will be partying a lot and trying out that whole working-together-thing is OMEN... I think it is the best threat meter period. Basically it keeps track of your threat per mob in respect to your tank(s). KTM is becoming an obsolete threat meter.

Did you get Beowulfa her Venomstrike (from Waling Cavern)? I would Armory you guys but I'm at work, behind a content filter, boo. Venomstrike is a very awesome bow for hunter till much much later in-game unless you can afford to purchase or get lucky with a Precisely Calibrated Boomstick (at level 43 you can use it)... which for BM hunters is the bomb. PCB is a world drop.

Also don't forget to hit up Ashenvale since there are a few very nice blue quality items you get from quest rewards.

Dammerung said...

@Kinzlayer yeah she got the poison bow :p First time we ever killed the mob and it dropped and she out diced the other hunter there(not moonsong). She won't ever be wielding the boomstick. She hates guns in wow. Absolutely hates them. Its boggling.

@Jabari Nice name very trollish. I like it.

@Goeben Congrats on being awesome. One well thought out reply and everyone who comments later says you nailed it on the head.

Sellia said...

1) I think INT and STAM are the basic stat for your level.

2) Go check Kaliban's Class Loot Lists for your gear.

3) I think Hillsbrad is fun. (Im on a PVE server.) =)

4) Same as Goeben.

5) 90g each should be enough.

6) Why not ! lol

7) Same problem here.

8) It was because of the shamans, but now i don't know ...

9) Try Omen.

10) Go check this macro here.

11) Arathi Highland is a good place too in your 30's.

12) I'm not sure on this one.

I hope this help ! =)

Tengu said...

Just going to answer number 8 as everybody else answered the others pretty well.

The reason for that is through the alliances with the troll, the orcs introduced them to shamanism and some trolls thought it made sense. But troll religion didn't make much sense to the orcs and back at their home planet, shamanism was the only religion they knew. Well, that and the worshiping of demons in exchange for power. But that didn't work very well for them, so they decided it was best to stick with shamanism and forget all the demon-worshipping deal.

If you go to this site:


There is more information about the religions of World of Warcraft and which religions in real life are similar. If you are interested in the lore of the game I would recommend reading the rest of the series as it provides a lot of good info about the people who shaped the world into what it is now.

WoW Wiki is also another good site for information about lore and pretty much anything related to the game. The URL is:


I hope you find something that you like on those sites.

Kestrel said...

Just a couple comments, since I'm late to the party. :)

If you go to Wetlands (might be difficult to get to, but I'm not too familiar with Horde lands), there's an archaeological dig that presents some nice challenges for mid-20s. Then Arathi Highlands, as mentioned. Once you pass 35 (or maybe a level or two higher) you'll want to spend the next several levels in Stranglethorn Vale. (After which, you'll swear you'll never go back!) ;)

Another vote for Omen.

I used to use MetaMap; I now use Cartographer--it's an Ace add-on. And there are a bunch of additional modules you can get for it later if you're so inclined.