Saturday, October 25, 2008


So. Me and Moon have picked up on the Recruit-a-friend bonuses. Last night we created new toons on the 'hoof and /played 4 hours later were level 16. 1 hour of that was Moon being der and trying in vain to find a trainer in Silvermoon(whatever the Belf city is called) so that he could tame a pet. Turns out the bloodelves don't particularly like Tauren and he had to walk his ugly butt back to Mulgore. And because I had summoned him the first time he came over..... he had no flightpoints.

My newest toon is named Xuun. Named after the -awesomely- named Ruune of Kael'thas. Xuun is an undead rogue. Very unique I know.

Moon's toon is Bigkitten. Sigh. He's a cow hunter and before we got off he was sportin a cat.

We made level 16 with only doing 1 ghostlands quest. We had to abandon 6 or so quests because they went grey on us. This kind of leveling is insanely fun. Even if I'm running around sporting mostly whites.

In other news, my druid blew my mind. I respecced feral and bought a full set of greens off the AH for a feral set. I'm now sporting a 27% crit chance, 29% dodge, about 10k armor, 9k hps, and 14-1500 AP in bearform. Lovely mangle(I think thats the one), crits for 1600-1700 damage on a regular basis. Lacerate is amazing. With all my crit and armor I almost never run out of mana and mobs just die.

Oh and I love you. Beserk + a full rage bar + a couple or three mobs is heavenly.

For pure fun factor Bearform is now on the top of my list.
Today we packed. I loaded up the van chock full of donations and the emptied it at Crosslines(a local charity). I've taken out about 7 trash bags full of trash. I took my favorite table and left it at my Uncles house because I won't have room for it when we move. I completely emptied the office and Wulfa emptied the Kitchen.

Once the Wulfa and Orclette wake from their nap we will be emptying our bedroom and closet and packing our suitcases. 3.5 days left till we takeoff. We're going to spend the last 3 living like we are in a hotel.
Shaman gained 100k xp and hasn't moved since. I have only seen Sugars' and his toons on Lightinghoof the last few times I've been on. Boo for not being on very much.
I still hate the zombies. They need to be all put down. People keep killing my quest givers and flight masters. Not too much but enough for it to be annoying. Oh how I wish I had a 70 paladin to wander around cleansing people and NUKING the heck out of the undead.

To those that are helping combat the Scourge and their mindless destruction of all we hold dear. Thank you. You rock.

To those who have given into the Lich King's sweet whispers of power.... I hope you enjoy the mindless stupidity that you now are...when your precious bits rot and fall off maybe you'll wish you hadn't.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beowulfa the Great

These days when I log onto Wulfa I feel out of sorts. My shot rotation is different, the pet I have out all the time now is different, and heck her hair is different. Plus it's been all about the shadow priest.

Took Beowulfa into MgT regular last night. I will unfortunately have to do that again as I did not complete the quest. I realized my mistake as soon as I teleported out and ran back inside but was unable to loot Kael'thas's head :( Ah well. Made out like a bandit with loot. I was fairly happy with Beo's damage; nothing like Wulfa's but more than I was expecting. I have Control Freak and Decursive ... I've played around with them but haven't yet used them in a party situation. I think I'm gonna like partying with a shadow priestie. I'd better, I'm taking her into Kara tonight. I know it's been nerfed and that Beo should be fine but still I'm a wee bit nervous. I've looked at all the fights through a hunter's eyes, not as a squishy clothie.

Speaking of Kara and fights ... it struck me the other day as I was talking to Moon about his Kara pug how very awesome our raid leaders are. I feel as if I could explain almost every fight in Kara clearly and precisely (that does not mean 3B that you can ask me to do so). So a huge thankyou to 3B, Blusummers, Fal, and also Bar (I seem to remember him explaining a few fights). Back to what I was saying .....

Beo hit revered with SSO this morning and has a new mace. She's begun working on her Ambassador title and has only a mere 7K rep with Stormwind to go ... already exalted with Darnassus, almost exalted with Exodar, and needs a bit of work with Ironforge and Gnomer. I think I'll also shoot for that white dragon I've been told you can get once you own 50 mounts ... being exalted with all 5 cities that shouldn't be very hard to do. And as a side project I'll be amassing enough money to buy epic flight. 3k to go ....

There's just not enough time in the day folks. Not enough time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


If I have your cell phone number, be warned: you might start recieving some odd phone calls. The person will call and will either say nothing OR will start a very animated, very unintelligible conversation. Then you will hear a "what are you doing!?" and the phone will shut off. A few minutes later wash, rinse, repeat.

The Orclette has figured out that she can call people. She will talk to them, and they will talk back. And she thinks it's the most awesome thing in the world.

So be warned.

This was a careful response

But then something happened.

My point was that Achievements give EXACTLY the same amount of real life reward as any other pixel in this game. So if you like them don't be ashamed.
But seriously... my post was awesome. I used big words and spellchecked and I sounded brilliant. I was going to be linked by EVERYONE and was going to be praised for my amazing thoughts.
Intstead ... you get a screenshot and a bunch of no spelling. Oh and TJ got a post out of my frustrations.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On Hunters.

Someone thinks that we all have secret hunter alts that we secretly love. Heck no.

That hunter? The level 50 one over there?

The only reason he hasn't typed out D-E-L-E-T-E is because he's level 50. And I'm lothe to delete 40+.

I hates him.

His face has this blank expression. His pet isn't cuddly and he holds a gun wierd.

Stupid hunter.

I regret him daily. If he didn't exist my Druid would have tagged 70 already. So would my Shaman. I don't like huntering, line of site ..blegh... no healing... bleagh... no shinies.

I'll leave that to her.

Maybe I should type D-E-L-E-T-E.... it isn't like I've regretted giving up my paladin. And hunters are practically paladins. Both are boring. Cept Wulfa... but she's the exception that proves the rule.

But I don't like him. Bleh no. I'd rather play a rogue. STABBITY!!!!!!!!!!!

**At this point the Author walked away whining about no time to level his rogue.

The Orclette and Wulfa

Thursday night the Orclette was on edge. We had spent the evening stuffing our van as full as it could possibly get. Our house looked emptyish. Friday morning she woke up at 5:30 with the rest of us and wouldn't let her daddy out of her sight. 6:30 they left and our weekend of fun began.

We started by watching "The Holiday". I settled down with my coffee and chocolate, she had her Fiber One poptart. And she cuddled up on my lap for a good hour, something she hasn't done before. I'll admit: that movie will now be ranked among my favorites simply because of the memories associated with it. The Orclette just doesn't sit still very often.

We spent the rest of the day lying in bed watching movies, walking to the store to stock up on more poptarts and light Pringles, and playing WoW. Well, I was, not the Orclette. She conked out at 6:30 that evening leaving me free to play to my heart's content. Got Beowulfa halfway to 70 that night.

The next day was much like Friday. Very relaxful, very indulgent. More eating in bed and getting crumbs everywhere :D I spent quite a bit of time traveling over the various WoW continents getting xp for the Halloween candy buckets. Dinged doing that, as a matter of fact. Once again the Orclette fell asleep at 6:30 and I started gearing Beowulfa up. Stayed up way past my bedtime-almost midnight! Damm and Moon got back around 3 that morning. Damm woke up the next day horrified that he was covered in crumbs :D

Not very exciting, but it's the first time that we've had fun for an extended period of time. It makes me look forward to when she's even older and I can take her to amusement parks, bookstores without stressing that she's pulling all the books off the bookshelves, etc.

Might I add that I will hesitate before ordering from Amazon again? I ordered the 3rd season of Gilmore Girls more than a week before that trip and it still hasn't arrived. grrrrrrr. and grrrrrrrrr. You should know that one of my guildies strongly reminds me of Luke, series regular and the perfect match for Lorelai (one of the two Gilmore Girls). Luke frequently starts on rants, you see, and in fact is rather famous for his "rants." If Luke were to play WoW I'd describe him as a cranky bear. And after reading several of 3B's most recent blog posts the resemblence became clear. 3B would make a perfect Luke.

On a final note: Devilsaurs are AWESOME. Beowulfa hunter and Wash ran around doing quests this morning and they have developed an even stronger bond. I loves my devilsaur :D

P.S. If you are getting bored with your weight routine, bring a 16-month old along. She will attempt to do squats, therefore making you laugh. She'll sit on your stomach while you do bench presses (without the bench, didn't feel like carting it to my room). She'll pat your head while you do pushups. She'll try to help you pull your head up as you do crunches (I guess it does look like that's what I'm trying to do). She'll attempt to lift your weights, then pout when she finds that she can't, and you'll laugh because it's funny, and then you'll get side stitches. Go ahead. Try it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, not really. I do have a situation though. You see, I have 3 main toons right now. They are, and try real hard to remember cause there will be a quiz:

Wulfa, Beowulfa, and Beowulfa.

Wulfa alliance hunter will be keeping her name. Beowulfa shadow priestie has been my most recent project and therefore will not be losing her name either. Beowulfa horde hunter has been in the inn for a while and could get away with a name change. So I've decided to go ahead and do it. Problem is, I have no clue what to name her. I want to stay with my "wolf" theme; it has to be something that I can pronounce or shorten in order to pronounce. It should be a strong name to reflect her character. She has a cat named Twilight and a devilsaur named Wash. She's rather serious, doesn't like to kid around. She's fierce looking and likes it that way.

So. Any thoughts on what I should rename her?


Beowulfa is 70! My little shadow priestie is all grown up! And when I saw my character screen and it said I had 2 70's I almost shed a tear. It's so cool! She has her complete frozen shadowweave set thanks to Xiliah, 3B, and Doozie, two rings from the Headless Horsemen extravaganza, and everything else needs to be replaced. There are a few nice 1-H weapons I can get from SSO once I hit revered which will happen in a few days. And there was some talk of going through a few instances .... :D She might go into Kara this Friday. I'm totally freaking out-I have no macros for shackle (that will be acquired come Friday) and I still don't think I have melting faces in the blood, so to speak. But huge thanks to Nas who has twice now put time and effort into creating a shadow priesting guide, or rather, how to be like Xiliah :D

Wulfa has been having fun playing around with new specs. Her damage output is enormous and I look forward to seeing it in Kara on Friday (at least I think I'm still bringing her ...). She has a bird of prey-purple and red from the Skettis area. I don't have a tenacity pet yet but I want a bear from Northrend so I'm waiting. I also elected not to get the end points in BM just yet-I liked aimed shot way too much. So I have a corehound in the stables just waiting for when I get that final talent point .... Wulfa is also doing double dailies with Beo in an effort to get her her epic flight. Regular flight is just so slow .....

Beowulfa horde hunter is lvl 63. She has Aspect of the Viper. I tried to train Wulfa at 63 and it wouldn't let me. I had to wait til 64 for Viper goodness. Totally not fair ..... This Beo is full BM-specced as she never had aimed shot and doesn't know what she's missing. She's also going to train a Devilsaur. I'm hoping to get her in the vicinity of 68ish by the time Wrath comes out so she can hop right into Northrend, but we'll see. I have tons of work to do for Beo and Wulfa alliance side. I'm totally with 3B-I need another 3 months to get ready.

That's my WoW life in a nutshell .. stay tuned for Orclette stories!

P.S. I have a Devilsaur, and I named him Wash. Hehe!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorry for the lack of post

She's been orclette busy and I've been brain dead.

In exchange I give you something I've been working on:

Chemaik knelt in the musty room, his scribe-light providing steady but weak illumination. Gently, every so gently, he shifted the paper before him. One of the last surviving pages of one of the last surviving books in a room that was one of the few remaining standing in a building that should have been dust centuries ago.

He had found this place after extensive research into the histories of the original race, the Dragons. An ancient dragon scholar had written of it, describing it as the city where the Dragons created the first man. All of the buildings in this city were man sized but they lay in the shadows of even greater ruins that could have only ever properly fit a dragon. Chemaik would have gone there first but those ruins were encased in a wall of ice a mile high. The glacier was almost crystal clear and the image of the huge buildings encased inside taunted Chemaik. Perhaps if he found something important enough he could get a grant and come back with enough manpower and tools to dig out the Dragon ruins.

But that would have to wait for another time. The university wasn't very interested in the deep past. The Dragons did not look fondly on those who searched back past them in time, and several of their race made up the primary financial backers for the institution of greater learning. For now he would make due with attempting to discover documents describing the creation of his race.

The building he currently searched had at one time been a library. This room had been on the second floor of that library. Back before the ice retreated leaving only empty ruins. Back before the jungle was enveloped in ice. Back before the city was enveloped in jungle.

This room had been a preservation room, Chemaik believed. The few dusty tools he had found looked to be the sort you would use to tease a tiny bit more life from a dying book so that you had time to copy its words to a new container. The rest of the building was filled top to bottom with piles of book dust. Until a small earthquake had broken down yet another interior wall he had believed his expedition to this place had been simply a waste of time.

But here in this room some books had pages that survived intact. And if one was ever so careful one could slide a page out and copy down its ancient words before the page dissolved into ankle high dust like the rest. He needed only another inch and this page would be finished.

His scribelight turned from a quiet white to a gentle green. And then in the space of a heartbeat it changed to blue, then purple then red. His outlying sensors had picked up another quake. This one was moving too fast to continue copying the page.

Adrenalin surged through him with a heavy dose of fear. Dropping the priceless page, he snatched up his bag, threw his notebook into it and started scrambling through the book dust and broken shelves back towards the hole in the wall that was this rooms only exit. The ground heaved, throwing a bookshelf off its balance and knocking Chemaik to the ground. He rolled over and the shelving missed crushing him. He was on his knees about to stand when another shake brought cracks to the roof above him. Loud thumps and crashes echoed through the ceiling. Dust filled the room. Choking he lunged off the ground and blindly ran as best he could towards where he remembered the exit being.

Another wave of the quake slammed through the building. Suddenly the floor tilted and Chemaik slipped and fell, sliding into a wall. The ceiling gave way and the world went black.

Chemaik woke up to a completely silent, pitch black room. A trickle of liquid was running down the back of his neck and he was slumped awkwardly in a wedge between what remained of the floor and something else. After three attempts he was able to reactivate his scribelight and peer around. Due to his throbbing headache the light was even dimmer than before. A feature not helped by his blurry vision. The liquid was blood from what felt like a gaping hole in his skull. Based on the amount of the blood it had to be simply a deep scratch.

Once his vision cleared Chemaik saw a gentle yellow glow just outside the range of his scribelight. Intrigued he gingerly made his way over the broken walls towards it.

In the upper corner of an upended bookshelf a foot sized egg shaped rock was lodged. All around surface the rock were glowing yellow letters. Not letters he recognized but letters still. Cautiously he picked up a broken chair leg and rolled the rock over. The letters covered the other side of the rock as well. Holding his hand close to the rock he could detect no heat. The surface looked smooth, and he carefully reached out to feel it. Still nothing happened. It was as smooth as well polished marble. He picked it up, hefting it gently to get an idea of its weight. It was surprisingly light, as if it was made of wood. He reached down and started to put it back, when he saw the letters going away. Turning his hand back over in surprise to get a better look he screamed and dropped the rock. The letters had left the rock and were burning into his hand and up his arm.

Pain swept through him. His entire left arm felt like it was melting into acid. Already weakened from the blow to his head earlier he collapsed screaming and thrashing his arm. The thrashing only intensified the pain. Foam flecked at his lips. The scribelight flickered and blinked out. He could no longer feel his finger tips and the burning extended to his shoulder now. His bones felt like someone was etching them with a flaming chisel. Another wave of pain shot through him and he slipped into unconsciousness again.

For what felt like eternity he lay there, waking up to pain and fire, drifting off to delirium and the dreams of the dying. Then at some point the pain started to fade. The fire stopped burning, and he woke up in the darkness.

There was no feeling past the shoulder joint. His left arm felt like a burnt husk of a rock when he reached over with his right to see if there was anything left.. He could feel his tunic where it lay over the remains of his arm and it didn't feel damaged in the slightest. Startled, he flicked on his scribelight using all of his remaining energy.

And feeling returned. As the light turned on he felt all of his burnt arm come to life. And there where his arm used to be he saw clearly the blacked skeletal bones of his arm... inlaid with the now glowing yellow letters that had been chiseled on the egg rock.

This isn't done, doesn't have much more and isn't fully set in the world. Still enjoy and have a great afternoon.