Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Orclette and Wulfa

Thursday night the Orclette was on edge. We had spent the evening stuffing our van as full as it could possibly get. Our house looked emptyish. Friday morning she woke up at 5:30 with the rest of us and wouldn't let her daddy out of her sight. 6:30 they left and our weekend of fun began.

We started by watching "The Holiday". I settled down with my coffee and chocolate, she had her Fiber One poptart. And she cuddled up on my lap for a good hour, something she hasn't done before. I'll admit: that movie will now be ranked among my favorites simply because of the memories associated with it. The Orclette just doesn't sit still very often.

We spent the rest of the day lying in bed watching movies, walking to the store to stock up on more poptarts and light Pringles, and playing WoW. Well, I was, not the Orclette. She conked out at 6:30 that evening leaving me free to play to my heart's content. Got Beowulfa halfway to 70 that night.

The next day was much like Friday. Very relaxful, very indulgent. More eating in bed and getting crumbs everywhere :D I spent quite a bit of time traveling over the various WoW continents getting xp for the Halloween candy buckets. Dinged doing that, as a matter of fact. Once again the Orclette fell asleep at 6:30 and I started gearing Beowulfa up. Stayed up way past my bedtime-almost midnight! Damm and Moon got back around 3 that morning. Damm woke up the next day horrified that he was covered in crumbs :D

Not very exciting, but it's the first time that we've had fun for an extended period of time. It makes me look forward to when she's even older and I can take her to amusement parks, bookstores without stressing that she's pulling all the books off the bookshelves, etc.

Might I add that I will hesitate before ordering from Amazon again? I ordered the 3rd season of Gilmore Girls more than a week before that trip and it still hasn't arrived. grrrrrrr. and grrrrrrrrr. You should know that one of my guildies strongly reminds me of Luke, series regular and the perfect match for Lorelai (one of the two Gilmore Girls). Luke frequently starts on rants, you see, and in fact is rather famous for his "rants." If Luke were to play WoW I'd describe him as a cranky bear. And after reading several of 3B's most recent blog posts the resemblence became clear. 3B would make a perfect Luke.

On a final note: Devilsaurs are AWESOME. Beowulfa hunter and Wash ran around doing quests this morning and they have developed an even stronger bond. I loves my devilsaur :D

P.S. If you are getting bored with your weight routine, bring a 16-month old along. She will attempt to do squats, therefore making you laugh. She'll sit on your stomach while you do bench presses (without the bench, didn't feel like carting it to my room). She'll pat your head while you do pushups. She'll try to help you pull your head up as you do crunches (I guess it does look like that's what I'm trying to do). She'll attempt to lift your weights, then pout when she finds that she can't, and you'll laugh because it's funny, and then you'll get side stitches. Go ahead. Try it.


Cassieann said...

OMG, Wulfa! You are SO right on the BBB = Luke comparison. I had never seen it, but now that you say it, it makes so much sense. Thanks for the giggle!

Softi said...

Aww sounds awesome! It really does get better as they grow older... so much more to DO with them, although they do get much cheekier with it! ;)