Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Beowulfa is 70! My little shadow priestie is all grown up! And when I saw my character screen and it said I had 2 70's I almost shed a tear. It's so cool! She has her complete frozen shadowweave set thanks to Xiliah, 3B, and Doozie, two rings from the Headless Horsemen extravaganza, and everything else needs to be replaced. There are a few nice 1-H weapons I can get from SSO once I hit revered which will happen in a few days. And there was some talk of going through a few instances .... :D She might go into Kara this Friday. I'm totally freaking out-I have no macros for shackle (that will be acquired come Friday) and I still don't think I have melting faces in the blood, so to speak. But huge thanks to Nas who has twice now put time and effort into creating a shadow priesting guide, or rather, how to be like Xiliah :D

Wulfa has been having fun playing around with new specs. Her damage output is enormous and I look forward to seeing it in Kara on Friday (at least I think I'm still bringing her ...). She has a bird of prey-purple and red from the Skettis area. I don't have a tenacity pet yet but I want a bear from Northrend so I'm waiting. I also elected not to get the end points in BM just yet-I liked aimed shot way too much. So I have a corehound in the stables just waiting for when I get that final talent point .... Wulfa is also doing double dailies with Beo in an effort to get her her epic flight. Regular flight is just so slow .....

Beowulfa horde hunter is lvl 63. She has Aspect of the Viper. I tried to train Wulfa at 63 and it wouldn't let me. I had to wait til 64 for Viper goodness. Totally not fair ..... This Beo is full BM-specced as she never had aimed shot and doesn't know what she's missing. She's also going to train a Devilsaur. I'm hoping to get her in the vicinity of 68ish by the time Wrath comes out so she can hop right into Northrend, but we'll see. I have tons of work to do for Beo and Wulfa alliance side. I'm totally with 3B-I need another 3 months to get ready.

That's my WoW life in a nutshell .. stay tuned for Orclette stories!

P.S. I have a Devilsaur, and I named him Wash. Hehe!


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Nasirah said...

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention.

Whatever you do, do NOT use SW:D when you're fighting Prince. Someone (I wanna say it was Ratters but I can't remember) suggested completely removing it from my bar during that fight. This past week I forgot to do that, and totally almost killed myself on an Enfeeble because of it. Caught myself JUST before hitting the button.

So, yeah, watch out for that.

Dulcea said...

I'm totally taming a wasp and naming it Serenity.

As for the shackle macro? There's a LOVELY macro mod by the awesome Tekkub called Control Freak. It plays a sound and everything when your shackle breaks. You can get it on wowinterface.

ArmsandFury said...

Grats on the devilsaur! They made them too small tho... like a glorified raptor.