Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Being of The Done.

So I'm about 6 days away from home. I've got my shiny shamshield badge(I'd show you if I had a way of getting that picture to the interweb). I passed my PT test on monday(I saw that Wulfa posted about it). I finished up my dental on Friday(no longer a dental class three and am cleared to go home). So as long as all the rest of my paperwork is good on this upcoming Monday I will be out of here thursday night or friday morning. Graduation itself is Thursday.

So I went out last night. Something I generally am loath to do and avoid thanks to a deep aversion to watching other people drink. I don't. Drink that is. I just don't like the taste of that stuff.

So I'm out. With people. At a restaurant. Eating what Georgia calls mexican food. Generally having a good time. I sipped a Bud Light(I'd never tried one)(It tasted nasty like all drinks of that nature). My battles were amazingly upset about the fact that I don't drink. Shock and astonishment was had by all. A bartender was called. A drink was paid for. It was not to taste anything like alchohal. It was to be completely drunk. I believe Chugged was the word.

Yeah, that was nasty. It tasted like cough syrup with extra alchohal. I drank it. I got harassed all evening about whether I was drunk yet. There was no nifty side affects(other than the slight warming of the chest right after drinking and the horrible aftertaste all night). Not even a hangover. I was incredibly disapointed by my first non-sipped alchoholic beverage. But the night was fun. We were all very jazzed by the going of the home and the being of the done.

I think even Wulfa had some fun(even though she wasn't there) because we were texting her and sending pictures. She kept telling me to watch out for "roofies" and warning me that I had no tolerance because I hadn't drunken anything before.

I will post up pictures once I get PV2-Fireman-Ford-Lover to send me the pictures off his camera. They had me pose with all their bottles so it looked like I had drunk them all.

After finishing off my drink I finished off a Georgian Fried Icecream and me and Specialist-Good-At-Madden-But-Really-Quiet decided that was enough and we went to the barracks while everyone else went out to go find another place to drink.

I slept like the dead and then woke to hit chow and meander to the library to post this. Being of the Done is amazing btw.

Oh. And Brother-the-Third confirmed that technically TAMU can still win the Big 12 South. Which is kinda amazing this late in the year after our last five or so years. All that has to happen is we win out(Beating OU, UT, and Baylor), and UT has to lose one other game(not likely but hoping), and OSU has to lose two more games. I can see us beating Baylor easily. I can see us beating OU, and that just leaves UT... who we play as rivals and have beaten when our team was a LOT worse than it is now. But most likely... we finish 8-4 and going to a bowl game.

And that is all for my posting for now. Internet don't miss me too much I'll be back soon.


Friday, November 6, 2009

New Year's Reminiscence

It's not even December but already I'm summing up this past year. Last night my opinion was this:

2009 STUNK!

But that's because I woke up FREEZING and achy which are symptoms of the flu. I was not happy. And taking a nice hot shower at 2 a.m. with two young ones is not fun. It did, however, raise my temperature and now I feel like I'm running a fever.

Before 2009 I got sick maybe once a year. Usually it was a doozy of a sickness. But again, just once a year. This year I got sick with upset stomach/flu in January, February, and March. And then the whole pregnancy thing. I know it's not a sickness but you sure don't feel at the top of your game those last 3 months. And then getting mastitis, then thrush, and then waking up last night feeling crappy. Oh and taking care of the Orclette and Miniorc who also got bouts of sickness.

But ... I started school again. The Miniorc smiles ALL the time and constantly looks around for me (which is very endearing). Damm is making more right now than when we first got married and it only goes uphill from here (he was happy about that). The Orclette is talking more than ever and is just a bright, cheerful kid. Even when we're having our daily "Battle of the Wills." Damm gets back next Thursday. All good things. And next year will so unbelievably better that making it through this year will totally be worth it.

I just need to stop getting sick. At least until Damm gets back and he can take over kiddo care for me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Update Day

The cousin who was ill is on the upswing I think. His parents are on their way down to see him/talk to doctors and all that good stuff.

Damm passed his PT test :D He was on Cloud 9 this morning when he called me (really early in the morning). Everything is set for him to graduate now.

The Orclette is scared of Land Before Time. I figured "Sharptooth" might be a bit scary but I wanted to see her reaction:

"Momma it scary. Turn it off. We don't watch it!"

I'm stepping up my efforts to filter what she watches. But when you consider Bambi to be a lovely kid's film and forget that there is a tragic death scene ... sigh. I hate that I've accidentally given my kiddo bad images that are now dancing around in her head.

Miniorc is 15 pds and not quite 3 months old. He's currently fitting into 6-9 month clothing. At least he's not too fat to sit upright like his daddy (Damm was 6 months and 25 pds? I think. Huge. Which frequently happens with breastfed babies). He has quite a smiling, gurgling personality which is awesome to experience since the Orclette at that age screamed. And screamed some more.

And me? I'm dreaming of switching to formula. Complications followed the mastitis that while not dangerous in any way make feeding Miniorc pretty painful. But I am a staunch proponent of breastfeeding (although I know there are situations where formula works out better) and so I keep on sticking it out. If it's still painful when school starts (he'll be 5 months then) though we might just switch because I don't think I could handle classes + pain. We'll see.

Kung Fu Panda seems to not be too scary for the Orclette. Yay for animated movies/cartoons. I think I'm stuck with them for awhile.