Friday, November 6, 2009

New Year's Reminiscence

It's not even December but already I'm summing up this past year. Last night my opinion was this:

2009 STUNK!

But that's because I woke up FREEZING and achy which are symptoms of the flu. I was not happy. And taking a nice hot shower at 2 a.m. with two young ones is not fun. It did, however, raise my temperature and now I feel like I'm running a fever.

Before 2009 I got sick maybe once a year. Usually it was a doozy of a sickness. But again, just once a year. This year I got sick with upset stomach/flu in January, February, and March. And then the whole pregnancy thing. I know it's not a sickness but you sure don't feel at the top of your game those last 3 months. And then getting mastitis, then thrush, and then waking up last night feeling crappy. Oh and taking care of the Orclette and Miniorc who also got bouts of sickness.

But ... I started school again. The Miniorc smiles ALL the time and constantly looks around for me (which is very endearing). Damm is making more right now than when we first got married and it only goes uphill from here (he was happy about that). The Orclette is talking more than ever and is just a bright, cheerful kid. Even when we're having our daily "Battle of the Wills." Damm gets back next Thursday. All good things. And next year will so unbelievably better that making it through this year will totally be worth it.

I just need to stop getting sick. At least until Damm gets back and he can take over kiddo care for me.

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