Monday, November 2, 2009

Update Day

The cousin who was ill is on the upswing I think. His parents are on their way down to see him/talk to doctors and all that good stuff.

Damm passed his PT test :D He was on Cloud 9 this morning when he called me (really early in the morning). Everything is set for him to graduate now.

The Orclette is scared of Land Before Time. I figured "Sharptooth" might be a bit scary but I wanted to see her reaction:

"Momma it scary. Turn it off. We don't watch it!"

I'm stepping up my efforts to filter what she watches. But when you consider Bambi to be a lovely kid's film and forget that there is a tragic death scene ... sigh. I hate that I've accidentally given my kiddo bad images that are now dancing around in her head.

Miniorc is 15 pds and not quite 3 months old. He's currently fitting into 6-9 month clothing. At least he's not too fat to sit upright like his daddy (Damm was 6 months and 25 pds? I think. Huge. Which frequently happens with breastfed babies). He has quite a smiling, gurgling personality which is awesome to experience since the Orclette at that age screamed. And screamed some more.

And me? I'm dreaming of switching to formula. Complications followed the mastitis that while not dangerous in any way make feeding Miniorc pretty painful. But I am a staunch proponent of breastfeeding (although I know there are situations where formula works out better) and so I keep on sticking it out. If it's still painful when school starts (he'll be 5 months then) though we might just switch because I don't think I could handle classes + pain. We'll see.

Kung Fu Panda seems to not be too scary for the Orclette. Yay for animated movies/cartoons. I think I'm stuck with them for awhile.

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