Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yay I'm rich!

So this dropped.

Oh and I got myself a kitty so I'm a hunter now!

We're both just so very happy to see something worth so much drop into our hands.

Friday, April 11, 2008

This is My brain on Psychic Scream

I am having the hardest time wrapping my head around this. I don't sit and hungrily wish for the awesome item of awesomeness. I'm actually very content to idly farm badgermen for Timbermaw rep. I like fishing for goodness sake. I level slowly! I tell you this so you know I'm not a fully fledge loot whore. I like everyone I know do succumb to the occasional selfish act(rolling on the +9 agi shoulders with my rogue and hunter). But 75% of the time I'm content to gear others up. So I'm not confused by the 'not caring about the loot'.

But when I sit down the day before a pox run I make note of each boss and what they drop and in my head I make a list of check marks and think okay we're going to do them in this order until we have those items. If we don't get the items I think "okay we're doing it again". And we'll "do it again" until -all- of the loot has dropped. All of it. And all the bosses are cleared. And all the boxes are checked.

So everyone does this right? Everyone sits down and makes a list of the gear / rep /s kill / xp / honor / marks / quest goals before each play session right? And makes a note of what the total amount is and how many they'll get per hour?

I mean normal people spend [playtime] * 120% searching thotbott, alakazam, wowhead, wowwiki, google for maps, lore, gear, quest info, fight info? I'm just your average WoW player right?




I'm poking a little fun at my fellow poxers. I am honestly a little surprised each time I ask what goals they want in terms of gear/items or what quest they want to do or what dungeon and they cheerfully say they just enjoy the party and don't really care.

"You don't... but... I mean how can we spend all night farming you the gear you want if you don't... I'm ... but ... I don't know what to ... "

Its almost impossible to forcefeed someone looty goodness when they don't know what their lootygoodness is! Darn cheerful pumpkins! [Insert a quad of pumpkins wearing blue leather shoulders with +9 agi] Yer ALL gonna get feral druid drops and like it then! I'll -make- you roll on them I will! Even you priests! ;P


Well that is the end of my raving. I'm going to go back and look up what huntery/roguey gear drops in SFK.

Back to Felwood.

I've spent all week trying to think of something nice and organized to write about in advanced.

It isn't gonna happen this week.

We lost power for most of the afternoon/day yesterday. Not sure why. We had clear skies and warm sunny weather.[Ed. Note the author is nicely ignoring the flooding/storms from the night before]. We got it back though by the time I left work and after a nice long walk with family and dinner I was able to proceed to the crater place. Ooooo spellcheck yay.

I completed a few more of the Crater quests before someone* talked me into trying Sunken Temple. My thought? I love looks and the mobs. I don't like duoing elites. Elites is too much like partying. Partying is pox. For now at least. After my first death(and i had forgotton to resupply on ankhs) we stopped. She got off, and I started walking to winterspring. I never made it.

In felwood I found this guy who told me that I could get Timbercow rep if I kill Deadwood thingies. I verified that this was true and spent the next hour getting about 7k closer to neutral with Timbercows. ~30k xp gained. 4 stacks of mageweave gained. I plan to spend another hour there before continuing on with quests. It was just fun.

Still don't have a healing set at all. So still not changing my talents....but we've agreed that if I get my raptor and I'm the same level as her we can go into outland before 60. P.s. thanks to all the people who helped with the Troll rep. I now have a game plan. Zangermush is completely out of the question....because I have to have the raptor before outlands ;P.

Well I think thats it. I told her to write one as well... her thursday post will come monday we think.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So power just died.

Its a freakin sunshiny day and our entire little town is out of power. At work we're working on generators.


Web down! Web Down!

My router at my house gets hosed up everytime the power goes off. Wulfa post coming later once this gets fixed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tonight We Pox. Today we ramble.

Tonight is our pox night. We've all been gone or busy or scattered for the last two weeks and it feels like its been ages since we did anything poxy. I'm trying hard to refocus.

Lessee... what are all the names again? Oh I'm a tank...huh... okay.... I'm sure I've got bars somewhere down here... ah there we go... growl... thats like taunt... I hope.

Where were we? Level 18? Wow that seems so small now. Wailing caverns huh... hrm. Are we sure? SM is low level we're not doing it? Oh right 35....

Yeah. Long breaks are hard on people like me who like to be excited for a week or two and then change subjects.

Today work is really slow. Last night I got on and made 30k xp and dinged 53. I'm back to beign 4 levels behind someone. But honestly thats not entirely my fault... I can only play at night. And my nights have been taken a bunch recently.

Found out that I need 60! rune cloth for the quest not 20 like I had thought. Lessee: I need 21000 rep... but I'll have about 2400 by the time I get to the runecloth repeatable quests. so that leaves me 18600 rep and I'll be getting 75 per turn in. Which means i'll need 248 turn ins... times 3 times 20 =

I need 14880 pieces of runecloth. /sigh 744 stacks.

She's going to kill me. I need to find more regular darkspear quests. I'm 99% certain I've done their starting quests but I'll run back through the village to double check. I know I've done all of the raventusk quests... and that troll guy in ferales. And the troll guy in xroads. And I leveled up in desolace so I have most of those(will need to go back and check again). Where else....

Oh I've got the troll guy in org that sends you to Awesome Crater for white claw things.

Oooo I haven't done the trolls in Arathi Highlands. I'll need to hunt them down and ask thems what they want.

Think think think. Think think think. Stonetalon had a troll and I think I did all of his quests but I'll go back and check.

I really really want that raptor. If you can think of some trolls I'm missing let me know.

Oh and before I forget: A post that made me think a lot about what I wanted to do at 70 and what kind of guild I will want to join. In my mind an excellent post with excellent comments.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

+Healing spells and parental buffs

We have had my dad visiting for the past 2 days. He took dumbbrother and they drove 1300 miles to Long Island to pickup two corroded old motorcycles that dumbbrother bought on some online auction. They also went sight seeing as none of us had ever seen NY until they went on this trip. Turns out that the Statue of Liberty has securty like an airplane and you can't bring pocket knives. Also turns out that there is a three day wait to go inside the Statue and you ahve to get on the list well in advance. Still.. they had fun. I'm glad my dad is here. We don't get to talk much because well... we have a weak relationship. I moved out when I was 18 and by then I was already not talking much to him. Not because of dislike or anything... just ... I'm very very bad about relationships with friends/family and tend to 'drop' ones that I'm not active in. Now that I've got the orclette I've been -slowly- trying to remedy 10+ years of quiet avoidance. So anyways... I'm glad he's here.

As a result though I haven't played any WoW since he got here :P Imagine that. Wow is just anti social when your society doesn't play. Instead we've gone out to eat and just sat around chatting.(Sat Sun my Dad and brother were gone but I spent the time watching orclette and hanging out with wife enjoying a brother free house).

Blah blah blah...thats an update into my RL life.

In WoW:

I'm collecting the beginning dregs of a resto set. Until 60+ I won't be able to load up on +healing like I want but I'm going to get started.

Based on my excell spreadsheet at work I'll need +1741 healing to make Chain heal my most mana effecient healing spell. Why do I want to do that? Because it sounds cool.

Any suggestions on non-raiding pieces to head for as a shaman?

I'm going to get my raptor before level 60. So I'm farming humanoids/undead/cloth droppers. Rune cloth. Rune Cloth. Rune Cloth. And I plan to be doing a lot of this in W. Plaguelands so that I can work on my [We-hate-evil-and-aren't-Scarlet-punks] rep. It's only about 280 total stacks for exalted Darkspear rep :P.

Any other reputation that would be good to start on? As a healer who plans to pvp a lot? Any reputation hunters should work on?

I'm level 52 at the moment about 10 of 20 bubbles till 53. But based on my last months experiance if I'm xping I should ding every night. So thats about 7 evenings of playtime until 60. I think I'll actually have to slow up if I plan to get my raptor.

Wulfa is 57 now, and getting ansty. She's agreed that she can level to 60 but she cannot go to outlands until I'm 60 and going with her. So I've got to get my butt in gear.

Fear the Scrabble Ninja.


Seriously... I have this mental picture of an enraged Woman knocking on a kids door with a scrabble board in one hand and a bag of tiles in the other.

The kid opens the door.

Woman: "Hello... are you [stupid-player-name]"
Kid[fearfully]: "Ye..s?"
Woman: "I'm here to teach you to pvp... we're starting with a quick spelling lesson called "You are an idjit. HiiiiiYA!


[The scrabble board morphs into a baseball bat shaped board]

[She starts beating him about the head]"REPEAT AFTER ME!! I WILL NOT GRAB THE FLAG! I WILL NOT GRAB THE FLAG!"

The front door slowly drifts shut muffling the yelling.

End scene.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Fun obvious links. These things are awesome... you know it... I know it... but I still say it.

Just so you know... Ratters is awesome.... twice this weekend I succumbed to hero-worship after a post of his. Seriously.

The ICKY is still fun... even when she's job panicking. Someone go call the internet and set them up with a nice quiet night in a nice hotel somewhere so they can work on relationship issues. Made my reader friday. I haven't looked back. Short wow story. 10 words. Win big prize. Get email from Gabe and Tycho if you are lucky.

How do you guys handle it?

When you are required to tank or group for something and all you can think is... dang I'd rather be playing my alt.

You still like your guild friends... but you are starting to hate playing a dps/healer/tank/[x] role.

You come along...but the entire time you are staring at your buttons thinking why can't those spells heal/tank/dps instead of tank/dps/heal?

Your friends know you are a raving alt-a-holic but you don't want to see the sad look on their face YET again when you say "hey guys can I swap out my [x] for a [x]?" Even if that swap involves a different class in the same role.


What do you do when the game isn't fun but you don't want to hurt your friends?