Tuesday, April 8, 2008

+Healing spells and parental buffs

We have had my dad visiting for the past 2 days. He took dumbbrother and they drove 1300 miles to Long Island to pickup two corroded old motorcycles that dumbbrother bought on some online auction. They also went sight seeing as none of us had ever seen NY until they went on this trip. Turns out that the Statue of Liberty has securty like an airplane and you can't bring pocket knives. Also turns out that there is a three day wait to go inside the Statue and you ahve to get on the list well in advance. Still.. they had fun. I'm glad my dad is here. We don't get to talk much because well... we have a weak relationship. I moved out when I was 18 and by then I was already not talking much to him. Not because of dislike or anything... just ... I'm very very bad about relationships with friends/family and tend to 'drop' ones that I'm not active in. Now that I've got the orclette I've been -slowly- trying to remedy 10+ years of quiet avoidance. So anyways... I'm glad he's here.

As a result though I haven't played any WoW since he got here :P Imagine that. Wow is just anti social when your society doesn't play. Instead we've gone out to eat and just sat around chatting.(Sat Sun my Dad and brother were gone but I spent the time watching orclette and hanging out with wife enjoying a brother free house).

Blah blah blah...thats an update into my RL life.

In WoW:

I'm collecting the beginning dregs of a resto set. Until 60+ I won't be able to load up on +healing like I want but I'm going to get started.

Based on my excell spreadsheet at work I'll need +1741 healing to make Chain heal my most mana effecient healing spell. Why do I want to do that? Because it sounds cool.

Any suggestions on non-raiding pieces to head for as a shaman?

I'm going to get my raptor before level 60. So I'm farming humanoids/undead/cloth droppers. Rune cloth. Rune Cloth. Rune Cloth. And I plan to be doing a lot of this in W. Plaguelands so that I can work on my [We-hate-evil-and-aren't-Scarlet-punks] rep. It's only about 280 total stacks for exalted Darkspear rep :P.

Any other reputation that would be good to start on? As a healer who plans to pvp a lot? Any reputation hunters should work on?

I'm level 52 at the moment about 10 of 20 bubbles till 53. But based on my last months experiance if I'm xping I should ding every night. So thats about 7 evenings of playtime until 60. I think I'll actually have to slow up if I plan to get my raptor.

Wulfa is 57 now, and getting ansty. She's agreed that she can level to 60 but she cannot go to outlands until I'm 60 and going with her. So I've got to get my butt in gear.


Waradwen said...

Don't forget you can go to Outland at 58...you don't have to wait until 60. :-D

Dammerung said...



Yeah we know...

I just want to be the same level when we go...and she IS going to be 60 before I get to 58.

Stale said...

I like how you want +1741 heals... It has taken me to exalted with Kara, t5 shoulders, 2 peices from gruul, 4 pieces from ZA and a heroic Mech... Along with about 500 badges to hit +1997 healing last night. I doubt Outland blues are gonna get you there :)

My Bro's pally hit 70 this week and has +750 heals with the Blues he has lol. Think we are gonna take him through Kara to Maiden and see if we can't get a Shard of the Virtuous.

Dammerung said...

Wow. Hehe. I had no idea :p

Well.. still 1741 is my goal.. even if I can't get it at 70 pre-kara.