Friday, April 11, 2008

This is My brain on Psychic Scream

I am having the hardest time wrapping my head around this. I don't sit and hungrily wish for the awesome item of awesomeness. I'm actually very content to idly farm badgermen for Timbermaw rep. I like fishing for goodness sake. I level slowly! I tell you this so you know I'm not a fully fledge loot whore. I like everyone I know do succumb to the occasional selfish act(rolling on the +9 agi shoulders with my rogue and hunter). But 75% of the time I'm content to gear others up. So I'm not confused by the 'not caring about the loot'.

But when I sit down the day before a pox run I make note of each boss and what they drop and in my head I make a list of check marks and think okay we're going to do them in this order until we have those items. If we don't get the items I think "okay we're doing it again". And we'll "do it again" until -all- of the loot has dropped. All of it. And all the bosses are cleared. And all the boxes are checked.

So everyone does this right? Everyone sits down and makes a list of the gear / rep /s kill / xp / honor / marks / quest goals before each play session right? And makes a note of what the total amount is and how many they'll get per hour?

I mean normal people spend [playtime] * 120% searching thotbott, alakazam, wowhead, wowwiki, google for maps, lore, gear, quest info, fight info? I'm just your average WoW player right?




I'm poking a little fun at my fellow poxers. I am honestly a little surprised each time I ask what goals they want in terms of gear/items or what quest they want to do or what dungeon and they cheerfully say they just enjoy the party and don't really care.

"You don't... but... I mean how can we spend all night farming you the gear you want if you don't... I'm ... but ... I don't know what to ... "

Its almost impossible to forcefeed someone looty goodness when they don't know what their lootygoodness is! Darn cheerful pumpkins! [Insert a quad of pumpkins wearing blue leather shoulders with +9 agi] Yer ALL gonna get feral druid drops and like it then! I'll -make- you roll on them I will! Even you priests! ;P


Well that is the end of my raving. I'm going to go back and look up what huntery/roguey gear drops in SFK.


Nibuca said...

When I was of the level to do RFC I did it. I didn't look at the loot and I wasn't planning to run it over and over again hoping for one special drop. This is because in 3 days of playing that special drop was going to be replaced by something else.

Is my time better spent running RFC 7 times or questing? In my opinion, it's better spent questing. UNLESS I'm looking to twink.

When I hit 70 then it's a different story. At 70 the only thing you have to do is to maximize your gear. At that point I make lists.. and go after the best-of-the-best gear.. which I then gem and enchant with the best.


Nasirah said...

I totally do the same thing. Well, not the running over and over until I get everything I want, but I'm all about the lists. It does make me feel like a bit of a loot whore at times, but it's not loot for loot's sake, so I can show off how uber I am. I'm just a list person, and I like knowing how I can make my character better.