Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tonight We Pox. Today we ramble.

Tonight is our pox night. We've all been gone or busy or scattered for the last two weeks and it feels like its been ages since we did anything poxy. I'm trying hard to refocus.

Lessee... what are all the names again? Oh I'm a tank...huh... okay.... I'm sure I've got bars somewhere down here... ah there we go... growl... thats like taunt... I hope.

Where were we? Level 18? Wow that seems so small now. Wailing caverns huh... hrm. Are we sure? SM is low level we're not doing it? Oh right 35....

Yeah. Long breaks are hard on people like me who like to be excited for a week or two and then change subjects.

Today work is really slow. Last night I got on and made 30k xp and dinged 53. I'm back to beign 4 levels behind someone. But honestly thats not entirely my fault... I can only play at night. And my nights have been taken a bunch recently.

Found out that I need 60! rune cloth for the quest not 20 like I had thought. Lessee: I need 21000 rep... but I'll have about 2400 by the time I get to the runecloth repeatable quests. so that leaves me 18600 rep and I'll be getting 75 per turn in. Which means i'll need 248 turn ins... times 3 times 20 =

I need 14880 pieces of runecloth. /sigh 744 stacks.

She's going to kill me. I need to find more regular darkspear quests. I'm 99% certain I've done their starting quests but I'll run back through the village to double check. I know I've done all of the raventusk quests... and that troll guy in ferales. And the troll guy in xroads. And I leveled up in desolace so I have most of those(will need to go back and check again). Where else....

Oh I've got the troll guy in org that sends you to Awesome Crater for white claw things.

Oooo I haven't done the trolls in Arathi Highlands. I'll need to hunt them down and ask thems what they want.

Think think think. Think think think. Stonetalon had a troll and I think I did all of his quests but I'll go back and check.

I really really want that raptor. If you can think of some trolls I'm missing let me know.

Oh and before I forget: A post that made me think a lot about what I wanted to do at 70 and what kind of guild I will want to join. In my mind an excellent post with excellent comments.


Ratshag said...

Lessee, Troll rep.

First off, is only the first turn-in what needs 60 runecloth. Afters, it be 75 rep per stack, so no despairs.

When ya gets to Zangarmarsh in Outland, you'll get rep from the troll village quests there.

And be sure to do the orphan quest in Org next month - 500 easy rep for every faction.

Joel said...

Here's a tool that might help you out - WoWHead can filter quests by reputation gains.;crs=530;crv=0#0+6+1+2

Good luck!

Joel said...

Here's a tinyurl version of the above link

Dammerung said...

@joel So I still hate wowhead but this has raised their rep with me a LOT.

A ton.

@ratters Problem with boogermarsh is I want to ride my raptor into the outlands!

Daxenos said...

Did you check out The Hinterlands? There's a bunch-o-trolls over there.

Anonymous said...

Thottbot quests can be sorted via rep as well. This is how I've gotten my rep up since I'm not the biggest wowhead fan...3+ years ago I used thottbot...I got used to it...everything else is just odd! (lol jk)

Also keep in mind some orc zones/areas give rep for org and darkspear trolls.

Hinterlands is FULL of trolls. Not sure about the new quests in the goblin zone in dustwallow marsh but check there too.

Dammerung said...

Hinterlands = Raventusk village.

It does look though like I've missed a series of tanaris quests and about 15 quests in stv and a stonetalon quest, and I CANNOT believe I didn't do the huge series of quests where you collect ancient coins for some holiday.

Rabbit Stew said...

I don't have good advice. But others have given you that already. I'm chiming in to say I did the post title: sorta sounds like the title to a Outland country song.

Shigakiwi said...

I was gonna suggest Zangarmarsh before Ratshag beat me to it :) - heaps of Darkspear rep there - I got within 5k of Exalted from those quests...

The seasonal festival rep is really helpful too - thanks for the heads-up for Childrens Week Ratters, I'll make sure I get a piece of that rep!

Daxenos said...

I'm grinding Troll rep on my BE's and have discovered "spill over" rep from other starting zones. I guess a fraction of the rep that you get for the group that gives the quest is applied to the other groups in that faction.

So, I'm off to do all the quests in the starting areas!