Monday, April 7, 2008


Fun obvious links. These things are awesome... you know it... I know it... but I still say it.

Just so you know... Ratters is awesome.... twice this weekend I succumbed to hero-worship after a post of his. Seriously.

The ICKY is still fun... even when she's job panicking. Someone go call the internet and set them up with a nice quiet night in a nice hotel somewhere so they can work on relationship issues. Made my reader friday. I haven't looked back. Short wow story. 10 words. Win big prize. Get email from Gabe and Tycho if you are lucky.

How do you guys handle it?

When you are required to tank or group for something and all you can think is... dang I'd rather be playing my alt.

You still like your guild friends... but you are starting to hate playing a dps/healer/tank/[x] role.

You come along...but the entire time you are staring at your buttons thinking why can't those spells heal/tank/dps instead of tank/dps/heal?

Your friends know you are a raving alt-a-holic but you don't want to see the sad look on their face YET again when you say "hey guys can I swap out my [x] for a [x]?" Even if that swap involves a different class in the same role.


What do you do when the game isn't fun but you don't want to hurt your friends?


Ammy said...

Your friends should want the game to keep being fun for you. There re time we have to bite the bullet and dps/heal/tank when we'd rather be heal/tank/dpsing -- but there are times when they need to go okay! not the day to ask zir.

If they want you to stick around and not go BURNT OUT hopefully they'll accept you need a balance.

Joel said...

I'm in this position too. Here are a couple of options:
1. Say no thank you. Technically the easiest, practically the hardest. It's easier to do if there's a specific goal/reason you don't want to come. "I'd come tank it but I'm gathering the mats for the sword of Uberness before tomorrow night's run."
2. Have alts that people don't know about and play those.
3. Let people know on the guild site. "I'm taking a break from healing this week except for the farm run on Illidan."

Good luck!

Ess said...

Yep, in the end, it's a game and it's supposed to be your fun time. If it's not, it's time to shift focus. For me, that usually means another alt. Sometimes a secret one.

*shifty eyes*