Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to Felwood.

I've spent all week trying to think of something nice and organized to write about in advanced.

It isn't gonna happen this week.

We lost power for most of the afternoon/day yesterday. Not sure why. We had clear skies and warm sunny weather.[Ed. Note the author is nicely ignoring the flooding/storms from the night before]. We got it back though by the time I left work and after a nice long walk with family and dinner I was able to proceed to the crater place. Ooooo spellcheck yay.

I completed a few more of the Crater quests before someone* talked me into trying Sunken Temple. My thought? I love looks and the mobs. I don't like duoing elites. Elites is too much like partying. Partying is pox. For now at least. After my first death(and i had forgotton to resupply on ankhs) we stopped. She got off, and I started walking to winterspring. I never made it.

In felwood I found this guy who told me that I could get Timbercow rep if I kill Deadwood thingies. I verified that this was true and spent the next hour getting about 7k closer to neutral with Timbercows. ~30k xp gained. 4 stacks of mageweave gained. I plan to spend another hour there before continuing on with quests. It was just fun.

Still don't have a healing set at all. So still not changing my talents....but we've agreed that if I get my raptor and I'm the same level as her we can go into outland before 60. P.s. thanks to all the people who helped with the Troll rep. I now have a game plan. Zangermush is completely out of the question....because I have to have the raptor before outlands ;P.

Well I think thats it. I told her to write one as well... her thursday post will come monday we think.

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