Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A (Almost) Perfect Sunday

Pajamas on all day. Overcast and then rain, actual rain. Kids contentedly playing in their room or snuggling with me. Coffee and chocolate. Warm blanket, cushy pillows. New season of Burn Notice on Netflix. Perfect, perfect day.

I'm still having warm and fuzzy flashbacks. It's been that long since I've relaxed that much.

The only detractor was that we missed church, and that's not something I like to do. On the other hand, we spent the entire day together with no commitments, nowhere to be. The kids were loved on. We felt revitalized. And while I still feel very strongly that believers do need to gather together, I also think that, every once in a while, we should disappear on the weekends. Hole up, don't talk to anybody except your family. Just be. Rest in Him and enjoy what He has given you.

So maybe my Sunday was absolutely perfect, no qualifiers necessary.