Saturday, October 25, 2008


So. Me and Moon have picked up on the Recruit-a-friend bonuses. Last night we created new toons on the 'hoof and /played 4 hours later were level 16. 1 hour of that was Moon being der and trying in vain to find a trainer in Silvermoon(whatever the Belf city is called) so that he could tame a pet. Turns out the bloodelves don't particularly like Tauren and he had to walk his ugly butt back to Mulgore. And because I had summoned him the first time he came over..... he had no flightpoints.

My newest toon is named Xuun. Named after the -awesomely- named Ruune of Kael'thas. Xuun is an undead rogue. Very unique I know.

Moon's toon is Bigkitten. Sigh. He's a cow hunter and before we got off he was sportin a cat.

We made level 16 with only doing 1 ghostlands quest. We had to abandon 6 or so quests because they went grey on us. This kind of leveling is insanely fun. Even if I'm running around sporting mostly whites.

In other news, my druid blew my mind. I respecced feral and bought a full set of greens off the AH for a feral set. I'm now sporting a 27% crit chance, 29% dodge, about 10k armor, 9k hps, and 14-1500 AP in bearform. Lovely mangle(I think thats the one), crits for 1600-1700 damage on a regular basis. Lacerate is amazing. With all my crit and armor I almost never run out of mana and mobs just die.

Oh and I love you. Beserk + a full rage bar + a couple or three mobs is heavenly.

For pure fun factor Bearform is now on the top of my list.
Today we packed. I loaded up the van chock full of donations and the emptied it at Crosslines(a local charity). I've taken out about 7 trash bags full of trash. I took my favorite table and left it at my Uncles house because I won't have room for it when we move. I completely emptied the office and Wulfa emptied the Kitchen.

Once the Wulfa and Orclette wake from their nap we will be emptying our bedroom and closet and packing our suitcases. 3.5 days left till we takeoff. We're going to spend the last 3 living like we are in a hotel.
Shaman gained 100k xp and hasn't moved since. I have only seen Sugars' and his toons on Lightinghoof the last few times I've been on. Boo for not being on very much.
I still hate the zombies. They need to be all put down. People keep killing my quest givers and flight masters. Not too much but enough for it to be annoying. Oh how I wish I had a 70 paladin to wander around cleansing people and NUKING the heck out of the undead.

To those that are helping combat the Scourge and their mindless destruction of all we hold dear. Thank you. You rock.

To those who have given into the Lich King's sweet whispers of power.... I hope you enjoy the mindless stupidity that you now are...when your precious bits rot and fall off maybe you'll wish you hadn't.


ruune said...


*so touched*

ArmsandFury said...

Hey Damm

I'll be ure to promote your toon so you can invites from Damm. Sorry that hasn't been done!