Monday, June 23, 2008

Gearing up the wulfa.

Okay so Wulfa needs a little bit of help. And as I'm officially her 'researcher' like she is my 'banker' here is what I've got:

I am suggesting she get Mongoose on her spear for + a bunch of agility. Her spear is a really good one and it should be okay at this point to get enchants. I'm an idiot and didn't read the enchant. Sorry I thought that was a static + agi and a chance for weapon speed increase. The normal + agi enchant it is then. Thanks Crashandburn for noticing.

And her bow I'm suggesting she get a plus hit scope.

I am suggesting she gem anything and everything with Rigid Golden Draenites because right now her hit rating is below 142 which is what I've seen as the magic number for hunters to stop missing. Missing right now is a huge drag on her dps so lets get that stopped right away.

I noticed her ring was a bit old and suggested:

And depending on whether or not Shartuul is a someone a 5 man could do:

I also noticed this about her boots and came up with these:

Also in my never ending quest for more hit I suggested getting this shoulder piece and trinket: <---shoulder <----trinket Finally I suggested she get

And slap them on.

All these changes should propell her hit way up high where we can stop worrying about it and start getting +do-damage-stats.

Anyways this is a very brief list and intended as a starter set for her. I think if I added up all of the + hit I'd find I suggested more than she needs but his way she can pick and chose. Anyways suggestions as always are welcome.


Crashandburn said...

I would recommend +35agi on the spear rather than Mongoose, as the proc is a chance to hit with the weapon and I don't see many hunters running in smacking things with their spear.

Also the mats are a lot cheaper.

Ess said...

I've been using for suggestions as I'm gearing up my DPS characters. It's nice because you can check the boxes for what content you'll be running, and then it will rank the gear that will potentially be available to you in the order of the DPS it has to offer. In addition to the dungeon drops, it includes badge and rep gear. Pretty sweet! Check it out. :)

klaki said...

I like to use loot rank in finding upgrades. Here is a generic template that was already on there. I modified it a bit to only have 5-mans and crafted items. It should be a good start.

Click Here

Nasirah said...

Shartuul is actually only a one-person event. I've never done it, but Squirrelz has many many times, so you could ask him for tips. Basically though you take control of a demon to fight other demons... something like that.

So anyway, yeah, if she had the patience to learn the event, it's definitely something she could farm to get that ring.

Also, if you haven't seen it, is a great site that lists out, for each class, what drops in each instance. If she could put together a list of what drops she needs from what instances (similar to what Ailtia did on the forum) I'm sure lots of guildies would be happy to help her get some of that stuff.

Joel said...
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Joel said...

Let's try that again with non-broken links...

I second the lootrank recommendation.

Tobold had a guide for doing Shartuul on his site a while back.

Here are the guides I recommend for our guild hunters.

I know she's not there yet, but
A Hunter's Guide to Karazhan Bosses might be needed sooner than expected. :)

Dammerung said...

Jel I think you can only post one link per comment for some reason.

Joel said...

Sigh - maybe plaintext will work? How a Hunter Starts Raiding
Gearing Your Fresh 70 Hunter
BigRedKitty's Gear Up for Karazhan
A Hunter's Guide to Karazhan Bosses

Dammerung said...


Asara Dragoness said...

I was running around in a full "of the Bandit" set for quite a while before I started raiding, so anything with those stats is good. There's a quest in Hellfire that gives a trinket called Bladefist's Breadth that is very good. I used it until I got my hourglass of the Unraveller from Black Morass.
Also, there's a nice neck piece from Consortium rep that has some good Agi on it :)
Good luck to Wulfa!

Joel said...

By the way, the +hit scope is a Molten Core drop pattern. Finding someone to craft it may be tricky. You may want to look at the +crit scope instead

Rakhman said...

For my hunter I got the following two goodies from the AH:

Cloak of the Craft
and put +agi on it.

Breastplate of Rapid Striking
and put +6 stats on it.

Thats 33 hit rating right there. The items themselves have pretty decent stats on them too.

If you can get into Karazhan then the Violet Signet has 18 hit, tho the other stats are not all that good the hit is nice.

Good luck!

scotth said...

Max out that leather working, and go dragonscale. It will take a while, but there is some really good craftable stuff.

Pike said...

Hey, I just took a gander at her spec, it'd be a VERY good idea to spec 5/5 Serpent's Swiftness because that is basically the entire reason Beast Mastery does as much damage as it does. Take out 5/5 Serpent's Swiftness and it's actually quite a week tree.


Pike said...

...and by "week" I meant "weak" ... *blinks* it's late x_x

Pike said...

Oh, I forgot!

Love this guide: It helped me sooooo much when I was a baby 70.