Friday, October 31, 2008

Trip commentary part II

No pictures in this version... pictures of the house are coming in part III. This is just the events that happened in no particular order.

Orclette rode most of the 16-17 hours in the car happily mashing on this alphebet schoolbus that had elmo making stupid songs. That was about 50% of her trip. 40% was sleeping very cutely. 1% was ripping up a People Magazine. and 9% was fussing. Which was rather amazing I think.

Like I alluded to in part I we had a few difficulties. I had no rearview mirror due to packing and my rightside mirror is really just two of those bubble mirrors you stick on for better sideways vision(but horrible backwards vision). Then the mirror fell off and to change lanes I had to lean my head out of the window and look backwards.

Found out Wulfa can't really drive at night because her glasses are funny like that. So we stopped in Ok. City to sleep for the night. Found out the next day that she just doesn't like driving :p... 15 hours me the rest her.

We spent almost an hour and a half in Alberquerque. 30 min in walmart and eating. an hour in traffic. 30 min to drive 5 miles. Yay for 1 wreck and two lane closings.

Got into my parents house at 9pm Wednesday. Slept a little then woke up -early- due to wulfa and orclette. Unpacked a ton and drove around finding places.

And now I have to go. Parts III and IV coming later with more pictures. We're off to pick up a puppy for my dad and make sure that I like the puppy that Wulfa picked out.

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