Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So this is why I don't read forums.


My first thought is absolute bafflement. If you want to give an epic to your human alt from your orc main... do the following:

1) Find out how much said epic costs.
2) Have your human alt list a piece of cloth for this much(or for a lower price that requests a bid).
3) Purchase it for this much using your Orc main.
4) Put your epic up for the 'correct' amount.
5) Have your human buy it with the gold you just gave him.


But if you put up an Epic for an extremely low price you COMPLETELY deserve to have someone else purchase it. Please stop whining stop complaining and SHUT UP!


In other news.... I found out that someone would rather melt faces and I am now planning to make a spacecow paladin instead of the level 5 hunter I have. Yay for the chance to tank(I'm planning on speed leveling to 70.. in terms of /played... still only playing 10-20 hrs a week).

Trying to think of a good name.

Also don't fret about Dammerung-Orc-Shaman. He is still gonna be totem dropping. I'm just taking a break and putting him on a much more relaxed schedule. Playing with a guild is -way- cooler.

Well... tonight is pox.. I just wanted to facebash the keyboard and had to post frustration about the whiners.

p.s. Don't even -dare- to suggest that I would be upset if someone pulled that on me. If I did that I deserve my fate too. /mumble-mutter-rant


Trollin' said...

LoL @ the guy in the thread saying BottomScanner is a ban waiting to happen.

But yeah, your method is pretty much the correct one, why anyone would do it another way is beyond me. The Neutral AH's fee is higher, but that's what you pay to transfer between factions.

Goeben said...

Actually, you have to have someone with another account help you with this -- you can't buy out your own auctions using another character on the same account. Assuming that you don't have any Alliance characters or friends to give your human alt some money, here's how you would need to do it:

1. Your human alt puts a piece of junk on the neutral AH for a ridiculous price.

2. Your friend's Horde character buys it out (with a loan from your Horde main if necessary). Human now has big moolah.

3. Your orc character gives your Horde friend the epic, which the Horde friend lists on the neutral AH at a ridiculous price.

4. Your human character buys out the epic. Your friend has most of his money back, minus the AH commission.

If you are logged on to your human alt when your friend lists the epic, there should be practically no chance for someone else to buy it out, regardless of the price. But it is a risk you run by using the AH.

The reason some people gamble and use low buyouts when doing this is to reduce the amount of the AH cut -- 15% of 1g is a lot less than 15% of 1000g.