Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The process.

Twitter scares me.

I don't have twitter.

Twitter shouldn't scare me.

I shall investigate.

My workplace apparently doesn't block twitter's main site.

I'm tempted to get twitter.

TJ has twitter.

I think about theoreticly getting Twitter.

The Time FBI take notice and send me a fax.

It is a most wanted list.

On it? Is twitter.

Twitter is like a mass-time-murderer.

Twitter really scares me.


Softi said...

Go to the twitter side... it is muchos fun! Even the Icky has it! :P

so add meh! MarylinG

Anonymous said...

stay away from the twitter! don't become part of the internet social cult that is twitter. why waste time typing on twitter so that when you come home and say "Wulfa, guess what happened at work?" and she'll say "I already know, I've read your twitter." So there is nothing to talk about. Stay away, stay far away. :)