Monday, June 16, 2008

On work.

Trying to think of things to do.

At work my job consists of handling 'cases' that come in.

I currently have 7 of these.

5 of which are -entirely- waiting on the 'casee' to tell me everything is fixed.

1 of which is mangled up by 'paperwork' and is looking at a resolution of 'death by a thousand cuts'.

1 of which is waiting on the 'casee' to answer the phone so I can say I don't know how to solve it and get it to the right department.

All my web comics have been read. All my reader things have been read. Google news has been read. I've already researched cat druid leveling and dps and gear like 5 time but haven't had a chance to play yet so nothing to do on that front. Gmail and work email has been fully read. I've even gone back and read through the sluggy/sheldon archives.

I'm hurtin here guys. I don't want to ask for a good old fashioned time killer because the second I get it I will get a ton of new cases and then I'll be slacking. But yeah.

So I decided to tell you guys. Yay that burnt 10-15 min*. Now back to boredom.

*more like 3.

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